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ha?"The angry sparrows persisted with their savage assault. Jess kept on descending resolutely. She couldn't seem to defend herself.Matthias moved north-eastwards with the company of shrews, whose numbers seemed to swell as they went along. At nightfall there were upwards of four hundred members of the Shrew Union seated around the campfire, breaking bread with the warrior from Redwall. That night Matthias slept inside a long hollow log with both ends disguised to make it appear solid.Bump.

Feeling slightly abashed, Matthias and Constance looked pleadingly towards the Abbot for support. Abbot Mortimer's old face was stem as he shook the bell vigorously for silence.

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Brother Alf sighed deeply. He knew, having watched Matthias since the first day he arrived at the Abbey gates, a woodland orphan, always polite, willing and cheerful. Butyour advice, Brother Methuselah," he said. "What would you do?"

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The ancient mouse refused to say more until they were safely inside his gatehouse study with the door firmly shut. Even then he said nothing that made any real sense, shoving Matthias to one side as he delved through old parchments and manuscripts, scattering books left and right.

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I ?am that is.

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Guosim, who was fully recovered, spoke out courageously, "You cannot stop us, Matthias. You are not a union member; therefore we are not under your command. The rules clearly state this, so the decision is out of your paws. We go! You and Log-a-Log get some sleep. I'll take first sentry duty."

Constance and the beaver shared a stack of enemy spears. They returned them with frightening power and devastating aim.

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