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Immediately the mice on sentry duty were alerted. As Shadow ran he saw Constance dash across the grounds at an angle which cut him ofPfrom the stairs up to the ramparts. Switching direction, he made for the next set of stairs, silently cursing the badger. Now he would have to use his climbing rope to descend quickly to the road.Cluny cursed inwardly. For all his show of force and arrogance, he had made a strategical error.

Redtooth held up his claw. "The Church of St. Ninian, Chief. It says so on the notice board over yonder."Yelling and shouting fearsome war cries, the attackers leaped from the ditch, peppering the ramparts with a hail of arrows, spears and stones.

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Leaning across the parapet, Constance and her friends watched the panic-stricken animals descending. Winifred the otter managed to speed up the retreat with a few well-aimed stones from her sling. The defenders viewed their work with grim satisfaction.159

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'don't look. Run for your life!' And that's exactly what we did, sir. Oh, you'll never know how horrible it was. I'd rather be tied in a blazin* barn than go back there, so I would! The great scaly body of the?*Dunwing was the widowed mother of Warbeak. She was also sister to the mighty King Bull Sparra. When her daughter was shot down by the arrow, she had given her up as dead. Now that she was back safe and sound she stroked and scolded her at the same time with relief. When she could get a chirp in edgeways, Warbeak related the strange story to her mother in the rapid Sparra dialect.

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through hedges and across fields. Even when the wetness

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