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through hedges and across fields. Even when the wetnessThe badger thrashed about in the water. Why, oh why, hadn't the search party thought of looking in the Abbey pond?Methuselah took a sip from Matthias's milk bowl. "Sometimes I think you have a very old head for such a young mouse. What more do you wish to know about Martin the Warrior?"Sela's head bobbed vigorously. "Of course, sir. What reason would I have to play you false? I'm looking forward to a good share of plunder, once I've healed you and Redwall is conquered.""If you really want to help, go and get hold of some of those new recruits who live locally and bring them here to me," he gasped.In moonlight streaming forth,He would never forget Dunwing and her eggchick War-beak. Friends in need are friends indeed.

"Hush now, Matthias, and lie still," Cornflower chided him. "You're lucky to be alive. It was touch and go right through the night."One of the older mice, Sister Clemence, chided Matthias as an upstart. Her voice was stern and condescending. "Novice Matthias, you will be silent and do as your Abbot commands."The chamber was so sparsely furnished that it required very"I'll tell you," he said. "But my name is not 'mouse.* It'sme...”

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326"Y'know, it strikes me that it'd do the Father Abbot's heart good to see that tapestry back in its rightful place again."The rats who had been attacking the gatehouse left off fighting and ran down the road to the fiery holocaust. Sparks crackled and shot off into the night sky. Cluny lashed out at all and sundry with his tail, foaming at the mouth and cursing wildly, his face a terrifying mask of insanity in the glare from the tower.

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Sela had never been allowed past the Abbey gates. She was certain that if Cluny's army overran Redwall, there would be enough treasure to keep even the greediest creature happy for life.The sly fox blustered. "But my good rats, surely you must

There were other things in the lair of the snake: a fox's tail, wood-pigeon wings, the head of a big fish, and fur pelts of many species of creatures.

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"Say the word and I'm your mouse, sir."The long plank snaked out and upwards, coming to rest gently but firmly on the parapet edge. Scragg saluted Cluny. "Plank in position and ready, Chief.""Yes, Chief?"A long whippy larch branch sprang forward suddenly. It crashed into Ragear's head, poleaxing him."Nice to have my silver medal back!" jeered the owl. "I'll think of you when I wear it. You should have let me eat you. It'd save you a journey to the quarry. . . . Oh, I almost forgot. You won't be able to give the hare my best wishes. . . . You'll be snug inside the snake!"

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Swish. Crack!Cluny answered quietly out of the side of his mouth, "Don't worry, I've been watching her. A real big country bumpkin. No, these are mice of honor, they'd sooner die than break their word to anyone. You leave this to me."He dodged playfully out of reach. Cluny snarled and went after him. Basil ducked and weaved, drawing Cluny further out on to the common. All eyes were upon the two figures. This made it easier for Jess to change hiding places as she followed them.

The young mouse continued to ignore him. Log-a-Log slumped down.

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