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Killconey whimpered pitifully. "It's Ragear, yer honor."108The captive sparrow fluttered her wings against the upturned basket. "I killee you!" she chattered angrily at Matthias. "I killee mouse, let Warbeak free, you dirty worm.""Give me my sword, mouse, and I will make your dying

Ten seconds later they were all gone.Cluny was in a foul temper. He snarled viciously.64Matthias and Warbeak had made slow progress. The climb up to the arches and stained-glass windows was long and arduous. Matthias had relieved the sparrow of her brick hobble, pinioning her wings, make the going easier. At intervals the young mouse drove spikes into the joints of the stone. He was careful not to look down: it was a terrifyingly impressive distance down to the Abbey floor. Only once did he risk a quick glance, not certain if the dark spot on the ground might be Methuselah watching them.

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A motley collection of evil-looking implements was framed by the cloudless sky as wild cries rang out from the newly-inducted recruits.The Abbot continued. "No, my son. Your heart is far too brave. This Abbey needs you, but not as a brother. Therefore, I name you Matthias, the Warrior Mouse of Redwall, champion of our Order. From this day you will defend this Abbey and all of its creatures from evil and wrong. Your sword shall be known far and wide as 'Ratdeath.' Now, Cornflower. Where is Httle Cornflower?"

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I ?am that is."I am that is!"

Feeling slightly abashed, Matthias and Constance looked pleadingly towards the Abbot for support. Abbot Mortimer's old face was stem as he shook the bell vigorously for silence.

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Constance shook the beaver into wakefulness.141The badger thanked them and shook her striped head knowingly. She had not been caught off guard, thanks to Foremole. Now she would need the aid and specialized knowhow of the mole leader to stave off this latest threat to die Abbey.

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Cluny grinned wickedly. There it was again, that stupid thing called honor, the code of the warrior! But it was not his code: he had won!Skullface had time for just one agonized scream before he fell. The iron-shod cartwheels rolled over him. He lay in a red mist of death, the life ebbing from his broken body. The last thing he saw before darkness claimed him was the sneering visage of Cluny the Scourge roaring from the jolting backboard, "Tell the devil Cluny sent you, Skullface!"


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