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The young mouse stood with his paws folded, an expression of disgust upon his features. The old gatekeeper patted his shoulder. "I know how you feel, Matthias. I could see you were only putting on a brave face for the benefit of the others. That is good. It shows you are learning to be a wise leader. You hide your true feelings and encourage them not to give up hope."Angry growls and the rending of grass from beneath the net on the ground heralded Constance's awakening. She began to heave and push. The net started to work loose. She called out to Cluny in a gruff, insulting voice. "Hey, you! You scruffy, one-eyed vermin! Remove this net and face me alone! We'll see who ends up on their knees!"J3873signed and sealed before the News at Ten. We'll be shopping for a vacation home in Methuselah gave a sigh of satisfaction and allowed a small smile to creep across his features. His search had not been in vain. Beneath his paw there was writing carved into the dust-covered wall.170

Constance sniffed the breeze as Matthias turned his ears to the nighttime woodland sounds. They watched the ground humping into a continuous hillock that progressed farther as the moles tunneled towards Ambrose Spike. The night remained calm and still, but Matthias and Constance stayed alert, both knowing if they failed to observe this rudimentary law of nature, the penalty could be fatal."It's Ambrose Spike. He's hurt. Quick, let's get down there."7"Now, you drop out of sight," Jess gasped. "I'll draw"Thank you, Warrior. You spoke to me through Cornflower. You gave me the sign that I asked of you."

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Matthias replied in Sparra language, "Warbeak good hunter. Mouse like flower. Make good wormfood. Where be Dunwing mother?"Cluny nodded over at where the body lay.The young mouse was surprised to see that old Brother Methuselah had been watching him, his eyes twinkling behind the curious spectacles he invariably wore. The ancient mouse sat dawn at the breakfast table with a small groan.

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Paws went up: Log-a-Log counted them. Exactly half of those present. He called for those against, and took another count."Come in this instant, or I'll tell Cluny!"

"You'll what? Did I hear you say that you'd fight Asmodeus? You! Oh little mouse, run away and play before I crack a wing laughing. Ha ha ha hee hee oh hohohoho! Oh, dearie me! Are you sure you haven't been drinking old apple brandy? A mouse fighting an adder! Oh my, now I've heard everything!"

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Suddenly Matthias was face to face with the giant adder.Matthias stood reverently, gazing upon the calm features of his own legendary hero in the silence of the small chamber.strangely slanted, black without any brightness in them. The eyes of Shadow were like those of a dead thing."But what about the other creatures in the area?" cried Matthias.343

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"Methuselah," he said kindly, "hadn't you better lie down awhile?"

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The paw-sucking continued without comment.247Matthias whispered to Constance and Brother Alf, "Fore-mole and his crew are first class at rescue work. They've often rescued burrowers from cave-ins. All we have to do is stand guard by the south-east wicket gate until they're safely back."

Jess flexed her climbing claws and bared her teeth angrily.

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