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Behind them in the cavern the giant adder settled down to a leisurely slither, his tongue flickered wickedly."Thank you, Cornflower. Put them down on the table," said Matthias abruptly.One year later.Sela had placed herb poultices and healing salves on all the Warlord's wounds. After bandaging them neatly she had administered a potion that would deaden the pain and induce sleep."Dairy produce?""Ah, Brother Fangburn, let me explain. I will tell you why it is that you and all your kind will forever remain servants, while I shall always be the master. Did you not see the faces of those mice today? The mere mention of Martin the Warrior sends them into ecstasies. Don't you see, he is their symbol. His name means the same to those mice as mine does to the horde: in a different way maybe. Martin is some sort of angel; I'm the opposite. Think for a moment. If anything were to happen to me, you'd all be a leaderless rabble, a headless mob. So, if the mice were to lose their most precious omen, the picture of Martin, where would that leave them?"

Fangburn touched Redtooth with his foot. " Aaaaargh! He's dead. Look, this sword's been broken in two."Matthias shrugged. "The wall, I suppose."Basil Stag Hare, camouflage expert, had gone to earth."Shrewmouse help you. How many warrior him got?" Warbeak chimed.

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In Mossflower Wood, Ragear was struggling with the rope that bound him to the oak tree. He could hear far-off sounds, which meant only one thing. His Chief was attacking the Abbey."Moles aren't too fond of heights," observed Methuselah. "Right, let's see what they've uncovered."

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Matthias watched sympathetically as Dunwing fought back her tears. Gently he patted the widowed sparrow. "Greytail be mighty warrior to face poisonteeth alone. You glad War-beak be his eggchick."Would Miss Cornflower like to sit next to him?

there's been one reported over at the edge of the woods. Of course, no one can understand a single word that the savage heathen is saying. She's screeching away back there, hopping and dancing about, working herself up into a right old tizz-wozz, or so I've been told."

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A forlorn little voice answered. "Warbeak not wanta die. Mouse win. Pull Sparra up. Be good. Give word."Chickenhound fainted clean away.On top of the wall Brother Edmund was snoring gently. He was nestled in a pile of rubble, wrapped in a warm blanket with his hood up against the light rain. Edmund was oblivious to the long sharp claws that latched themselves over the parapet edge. A moment later the sleek black head appeared; two dense obsidian eyes stared at the sleeping mouse. Shadow had succeeded in climbing the Abbey wall."My, my, fancy leaving a beautiful gold chain like you all on your own."

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Killconey performed one of her most elaborate salutes. "The tunnel is goin' very well, yer honor."

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Jess came blasting out of nowhere like a red whirlwind. The banner thudded into the soft earth where Basil's head had been a fraction of a second before. Basil freed his leg as Jess leaped like a salmon. In midair she ripped the tapestry clean off the standard in one go.The sentry rats had become tired of chasing Basil. Wearily they made their way out of the woods and back to the common land. They sat on the grass behind a low hummock, taking a break together.Matthias looked on in wonderment. One minute they were above ground, a moment later there was a veritable shower bf loam and topsoil as they vanished beneath the earth: nature's own technicians.

Cautiously, his captains watched the Warlord. Cluny 's long tail swished restlessly, the single eye stared at a carved eagle holding the rotting lectern on its outspread wings. What thoughts occupied the dark devious mind of Cluny the Scourge? Finally he looked up and spoke.

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