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One year later.Shadow heard the footsteps on the floor behind him. With cold, calculated detachment he wheeled about as his opponent charged. He was certain to defeat such a small creature in combat, but his orders were to get the picture, not to fight little mice. Besides, there was always the additional hazard that the mouse might hang on to him and shout for help until it came. Like a wraith of oily smoke Shadow completed a clever double maneuver. Bowling his body into a forward roll, he knocked Matthias down like a skittle. Bounding up he slipped around the door, slammed it and fled off through the cloisters.As swiftly as possible Ambrose was hurried to the Abbey infirmary and sick bay. He was attended by the Abbot himself. A hasty diagnosis revealed that the hedgehog was suffering from a long jagged wound that ran from the back of his ear to the tip of his paw. Brother Alf nodded sympathetically.

Cluny the Scourge was still acting strangely. He sat in his patched-up tent at the far edge of the meadow and said nothing. Even when Killconey marched jubilantly up with die news that the tunnel was within a fraction of being completed, Cluny sat and stared at the ground. He did not appear in the least moved by the good tidings.Matthias grinned ruefully. "I apologize, sir. I accept your offer of help gratefully, I didn't mean to be rude."

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Alone in the woods, Matthias felt a bit wobbly upon his legs. He sat down against a beech tree until the feeling passed.There was a brief silence. Another shrew snatched hold of the stone. "Aye, that's right! Where are you off to, mouse?""Well, my son, you are back with us at last," he said. "That must have hurt. There was half of a sparrow's beak lodged in your shoulder."

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"Bet you won't."A forlorn little voice answered. "Warbeak not wanta die. Mouse win. Pull Sparra up. Be good. Give word."

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Cornflower and Friar Hugo exited leaning upon each other, their faces crimson with suppressed laughter.

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Basil clapped the two squirrels soundly upon their backs. "Of course, that's the ticket! A hornets' nest in a barrel. Just chuck it down on the beastly old enemy, what?"Panting and sweating, a large mob of rats dashed to and fro burdened by the battering ram. The captains, hoping to curry favor with Cluny, harangued the hapless runners: "Pick

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