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The gigantic spadelike head of the snake thrust itself through into the small space.Jess was trying her best, but from the start she had been handicapped by her big curling bush of a tail. The rude winds swept it about playfully. She could not stop her own tail from dragging and pushing her hither and thither.Matthias leaned wearily against a stack of books. "But if the gatehouse is the threshold, where are we supposed to stand to see anything an hour after midnight?"As they strolled along, Julian protested to his companion, "Really, Matthias, I think you are asking a bit much of one. Does one have to stand around listening to that befeathered regimental bore giving air to his hide-bound militaristic views? Oh, it's too much!"He watched as the fox sprinkled "magic herbs" on the pillow, reciting another strange spell as she did so.Poison probably meant it was an adder. He had never seen an adder, nor any other type of snake. At Redwall he had learned of snakes from the talk of others. They spoke of the adder as if it were a reptile that was half legend, half nightmare. It was said that even the Father Abbot himself would flatly refuse to treat a snake, no matter how bad its condition might be. Luckily there had never been cause to. There had never been reports of an adder in the area of Mossflower, that was why most creatures tended to treat it as a mythical reptile; but wise ones like Constance, the Abbot and old Methuselah assured everyone that the adder was cold deadly fact. They said that in all the world there was nothing more feared: the strong coils, hypnotic eyes and poison fangs.The badger stared sadly at the scorched earth. "True, no side uses fire as a weapon, not even Cluny. It is the one thing that spells certain death to creatures on both sides. We must look on it as an accident, Father Abbot."

"Now, you promise to behave yourself, or down you go, my friend," Matthias shouted.Matthias shook his head. "No, I cannot allow it. It's far too dangerous."food.""Matthias come now, me ready," she called.Fangburn whispered to Cheesethief, "What use is a picture of a mouse to the Chief?"

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He hooted and vanished swiftly into his den."If the snake knew where I was, he wouldn't waste his rime trying to scare me," he reasoned. "He would have got me by now."Below them the ram kept up its remorseless battering. Ambrose Spike had reported some minor splintering at the top inside edges of the door, but the shoring of earthworks was holding out. Foremole had assured them that any attempted tunneling would take at least a few days before signs showed. Meanwhile, he and his moles were carefully monitoring the earth in the Abbey grounds.

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"We agree, mouse, let us in.""Aye, and that one on the back! He looked like the Devil himself."

"Which poor old Redtooth had wandered into and been sucked down never to be seen again," Cluny supplemented.

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Asmodeus was working his body free, pushing forward."Tell Sela that the Abbot will see her two days from tonight at ten o'clock in Mossflower Wood. She must come to the old tree stump, and mind you tell her ?no tricks!"was open.Redtooth leaned upon his spear. "Shouldn't take much longer now, Chief. I've ordered some of them to get a good blaze going so that the trunk can be fired and hardened."Warbeak undid the collar. It fell from Matthias's neck. "Mousefriend set me free. Now me set you free. Warbeak go now, Matthias. Good wormhunt."

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Half an hour later, after unfolding the sad tale of Methuselah, the Abbot also took his leave.

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The Abbot nodded slowly. "So have I, my son, so have I."Angrily Matthias slammed his dagger point deep into the edge of the rubble heap. "I told you it was a waste of time. Can't you stay awake for five minutes? Must you go to sleep on me?"161

Cluny goggled in thunderstruck silence at the audacious Basil, who merely scowled in mock censure.

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