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Jess was trying her best, but from the start she had been handicapped by her big curling bush of a tail. The rude winds swept it about playfully. She could not stop her own tail from dragging and pushing her hither and thither.morning conference. He took his seat and looked around the table. There were Constance, Ambrose, Winifred, Foremole, the Abbot, and also his friend the baby squirrel. He stood on a stool, dipping his paw into a bowl of milk and honey, sucking it with noisy enjoyment.Matthias gazed in admiration at Warbeak's mother. "Well, ! never! You are going to spread a rumor that the snake has the sword and is dying down in the woods. Amazing, I can picture it now. Bull Sparra will go chasing straight down mere with his warriors. Meanwhile I will escape out on to the roof. Correct?""Aha, this looks like the end of the line," he squeaked.The tenacious birds regrouped and came at her again. Below, the bowmice stood ready."Nothing really," the shrew murmured sleepily. "But

in his ears.The little squirrel sheathed his knife and resumed paw-sucking.Log-a-Log had gone rigid with fright. He stood petrified. Matthias had begun digging furiously at the wall with his sword point. He gouged and thrusted, muttering to himself. "At least we've got nothing to lose but a sword and our lives. There might be something on the other side."Methuselah shook his head reprovingly. "He still cannot see. Dear me! If the breeze is blowing from the south, then die elm tree would move its leaves and branches in a northerly direction as it has always done. But that particular tree is choosing to disobey nature. It is swaying from east to west This can mean only one thing. Somebody is using that tree for a purpose. At least, that is what I think. Do you agree?"

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"Ouch! That hurt, Father," Matthias said weakly.

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Warbeak uttered a stream of curses as she stumbled on the brick. Matthias waited as she picked herself up. "Tut tut, such language for a young sparrow."

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The cat's voice, though cultured, was a high reedy tenor. It would have sounded comical under different circumstances. Matthias lay as still as possible.Cluny lashed out with his long tail, sending the Vole family flat upon the floor. Mr. Abram Vole struggled to shield his wife and son with his body as the tail flailed out a second time."Where mouseworm get belt?"

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was open.

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"What about you, Constance?"The footsteps receded down the passage. Matthias crept from the room, and stole off in the opposite direction.

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