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99Together they inspected it. Built of stout timber, banded with iron, beset with florin spikes, the door did not appear to be locked. Yet it would not budge.A heart-rending moan arose from the shrews in the undergrowth.At the tunnel entrance in the ditch, Fangburn and Killconey were madly thrust aside as rats, weasels, ferrets and stoats fought their way out of the tunnel.Abbey. ..."Redtooth nevertheless strode proudly along. Cluny might not recover. Besides, he reveled in the respect that he received, dressed as he was in such barbaric finery. He knew that it was only borrowed plumage, but he could always hope that die position might become permanent.ground. "Matthias," he laughed. "What an odd name, to be sure!"

"Big skinny rabbit yourself! Catsmeat!""Sleeping at your posts, allowing the enemy into our Abbey to steal that which we hold most dear! Is this the way you defend us?" The Abbot's shoulders slumped wearily. There was an awkward hush - anger and guilt lay thick upon the air. The kindly old mouse shook his head and held up a conciliatory paw.On the woodland side, Cluny whispered commands to his followers as they pushed the plank towards the wall from their perch in the elm tree. "Steady now, Cheesethief, you moron. Keep your end up! Keep it going upwards, not down!""Ah, Brother Alf, my old and valued companion. When I am gone to my rest you will take my place as Abbot. You are a wise and compassionate mouse. I know you will look after my creatures for me."Cornflower was never quite sure of what Foremole was saying, but she loved listening to his funny, countrified-mole dialect.

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One year later.The King held out a grasping claw. "More! Mouseworm got more candynut gift for Majesty?"Mr. John Churchmouse tried to comfort his wife as best he could. "There, there, hush now, Missus. Better to lose a house than lose our lives. A good job we got sanctuary here at Red wall."

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"Chucking his weight about, shouting orders."A hush fell over the mice on guard as Cluny and Redtooth were let out on to the road. Swiftly, the horde gathered around the Warlord and his lieutenant. They awaited orders. Deputizing for Cluny, Redtooth called out, "Form up. Back .to die church, everyone."

Colin Vole shrieked in terror. His mother and father struggled bravely as they were dragged off.

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"Basil, where in heaven's name did you get to?""Eat heartily, Matthias. No point in facing trouble on an empty stomach. Feed the body, nourish the mind."There was no strict routine of chores ever carried out. Apart from parents feeding fledglings, everything was left undone until tomorrow, which meant it never was done. The evidence of this lay all about the court; dirt, dust, filth and general chaos prevailed.Matthias had better nocturnal vision than either of his friends. He was the first to recognize the forlorn figure that rolled on to the grass."I should say I did," Basil laughed at the memory. "Feathery old fool went to sleep in a rotten dead tree. It got blown down in a gale and trapped the blighter underneath. He'd have died if 1 hadn't come along, dug under the thing and pulled him out. Popped out Kke a shuttlecock under a door. Fellow officer, you understand. Couldn't leave him there to get flattened. His face is flat enough as it is."

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The badger nodded knowingly and continued where Matthias had left off. "Yes, I've seen that sort of thing before. Not much to look at; in fact, just the type of shield that would fit precisely into this circle. Can't you see the slots for the arm-holds? But then again, if you look at that carved circle, you'll notice that it is cut so that the shield would tilt, probably to reflect the moonlight. ..."

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The young mouse frowned. So, the old one had finally cracked. He was in his second infancy."Young mouse," he called. "You do right to ask this thing, for truly you are looking at Cluny the Scourge."Tugging the sparrow behind him, he climbed into the loft.

Knows nought at all.

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