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Matthias's voice rang out sharp and clear from the high parapet, "Halt! Who goes there?"Darkclaw did not even get a chance to scream out a death cry. Boiling water cascaded down over his head in a hissing, steaming deluge. The force of the rushing water sent his body plummeting back down the hole. Endless gallons of scalding water hit the rats in the tunnel like a hellish tidal wave. The tightly packed rodents were instantly slain.Old Brother Methuselah had kept the Abbey records for as long as any creature could remember. It was his life's work and consuming passion. Besides the official chronicle of Red-wall he also kept his own personal volume, full of valuable information. Traveling creatures, migratory birds, wandering foxes, rambling squirrels and garrulous hares ?they all stopped and chatted with the old mouse, partaking of his hospitality, never dreaming of hurting him in any way. Methuselah had the gift of tongues. He could understand any creature, even a bird. He was an extraordinary old mouse, who lived with the company of his volumes in the solitude of the gatehouse.

There was a mass clattering of chairs and scraping of forms as everyone was seated. Matthias found himself next to Tim and Tess on one paw, and Cornflower Heldmouse on the other. Cornflower was a quiet young mouse, but undoubtedly very pretty. She had the longest eyelashes Matthias had ever seen, the brightest eyes, the softest fur, the whitest teeth. . . . Matthias fumbled with a piece of celery and self-consciously turned to see if the twins were coping adequately. You never could tell with these baby churchmice.

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"Except you?"

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"What? Oh, yes. I was dashing about and 1 didn't see it, Chief. The fox can tell you. She saw it, and if she didn't, well, I already told her," said Fangburn, his voice trailing off miserably."There was six of'em, Chief, they tried surrounding me, but I fought like a devil! Then I says to meself, Ragear, saysThe Abbot paced up and down before turning to the assembly."I warn you, come out and show yourself," he shouted irritably. "I'm in no mood for playing games."

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Riding upon a cat's back was a new and unusual experience for Matthias. Although he took great care to disguise it, Julian was quite an observant creature. As he strode with an easy grace across the farmyard, he remarked idly, "Your friends the shrews are out in force today. Ignorant little things! They think I can't see them. Give Log-a-Log and Guosim a message from me, will you? Tell them it is quite safe to come into die barn for hay and other items. Snow doesn't roost there any more. Goodness knows, I certainly won't hurt them. My diet consists of herbs, grasses and an occasional fish from the river. I gave up red meat years ago. You might also mention that if they must come to my barn, would they please desist from arguing and fighting so much? There's nothing quite as upsetting as quarrelsome little shrews disturbing one's meditations."

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Matthias's young head was in a whirl. He could not remember being so happy in all his life. Winifred the otter nudged him."Oh, you young booby," Methuselah giggled. "I mixed the letters up and re-arranged them. It's your own name . . . 'am that is' . . . Matthias."

Foremole and his team arrived panting, with Matthias running ahead. The moles collapsed on the rubble, breathing hard.

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