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"I think we'd best head back for the Abbey," she said firmly. "Father Abbot'U want to know about this straightaway."276A swift rush of wings and Warbeak was gone.

Again the two friends sat to ponder the mystery. This time it was Matthias's turn to become excited and point a paw at his companion.346Cluny staggered into the entrance to the bell tower, where Friar Hugo had been tolling the Joseph Bell. At the sight of the rat Warlord, he released the rope and scuttled underneath the stairs, where he hid trembling. Matthias came thundering in. Cluny dodged around him and slammed the door, locking them in together. If only he could get the mouse at close quarters and stop him from using the sword, Cluny thought, then he could win with his superior strength.

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Matthias came awake slowly. He blinked, yawned, and stretched his body luxuriously. The sun was setting, turning the little stream into a flow of molten red and gold tinged with deep shadow. He lay calm, savoring the peace and quiet of the woodland summer evening.

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"And so do I," Jess muttered. "I believe Cluny will be good someday. Good and dead!"

rushes held him up."

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5 every creature there. "Oh Father Abbot! Is he alive? Hecheeky old hedgehog telling me to run for it. Couldn't go, of course. Dear me, no. That'd never do. Chap deserting his post; bit of a bad show, what, what? I prefer me own company, y'know. Present company excepted, of course."The shield was a plain round steel thing of the type carried by the warriors of old. The years had not dulled its highly-burnished front. At its center was a letter M.Jess came blasting out of nowhere like a red whirlwind. The banner thudded into the soft earth where Basil's head had been a fraction of a second before. Basil freed his leg as Jess leaped like a salmon. In midair she ripped the tapestry clean off the standard in one go.Thwack, crack!

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As swiftly as possible Ambrose was hurried to the Abbey infirmary and sick bay. He was attended by the Abbot himself. A hasty diagnosis revealed that the hedgehog was suffering from a long jagged wound that ran from the back of his ear to the tip of his paw. Brother Alf nodded sympathetically.Matthias's show of pathos seemed to cheer the King. He tucked his wingtips into the belt that he had fooled the mouseworm into giving him. Ha, he had eaten all the mouse's nuts too! Feeling no end of a fine bird, he gave a sharp whistle that brought his two warriors on the double.there's been one reported over at the edge of the woods. Of course, no one can understand a single word that the savage heathen is saying. She's screeching away back there, hopping and dancing about, working herself up into a right old tizz-wozz, or so I've been told."

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