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The tunnel gangs lounged about, leaning on the sides of the ditch. Kilkoney stretched full length on a mossy patch.166Fangburn slunk back into the ranks. He hoped Cluny had forgotten, but Cluny rarely forgot anything on a campaign. The element of surprise had been lost - now he must try another ploy, the show of force. The mere sight of a fully armed horde had worked before, and he had little doubt it would prove effective now. Ordinary peaceful creatures were usually panic-stricken at the sight of Cluny the Scourge at die head of his army. The rat was a cunning general, except die times when his mad rage took control of him, but what need of berserk fits for a bunch of silly mice?Puzzlement was written on the faces of the four captains who had overheard the orders.Jess Squirrel picked up the water jug but withheld it.Brothers Rufus and George had an incident to report. A large evil-looking rat, covered in tattoos and carrying a rusty"Cluny, I'm hurt, help me," he gasped.

"Jess! Where is the sword?" he panted.Seeing Matthias still stunned by what had happened, Constance took over the leadership. She wheeled the cart around,wounds and waiting for the Chief to recover seemed to be the order of the day.In the silence that followed, the Abbot rose and confronted Matthias. Stooping slightly, he stared into the young mouse's bright eyes. "Think carefully, my son. Was there anything special you noticed about this rat?"

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Again the owl had difficulty in controlling his unbridled hilarity. "Ha ha ha! The nerve of him! All right, my little warrior! It's a bet. Name your promises."My sword will wield for me.'"

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"Skin him alive."The tiny creature continued sucking its paw, shifting from foot to foot, its bushy tail curled up over the small back, higher than the tips of its ears.

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He came bounding up, for all the world as if he were on a Sunday School picnic, grinning from ear to ear. Colin and Mrs. Vole came panting in his wake. Matthias gasped with relief.Meanwhile, teams of Sparra warriors were jointly lifting struggling rats and flying high to drop them into the middle of the Abbey pond. Ferrets had cornered a band of shrews and were threatening to massacre them when a column of otters sprang to the rescue. Keeping heavy pebbles locked in their slings, they battered continuously at the ferrets. Besieged by fierce sparrows, rat sentries leaped in panic from the top of the ramparts; those who stayed were dealt with by Jess Squirrel who swung a heavy iron chain around like a deadly flail. Down below, Ambrose Spike was rolling about like a whirling ball of needles. Silent Sam acted as his eyes, propelling him into each fresh bunch of rats with a long stick."Take fifty soldiers and see if you can round up any rats that know the lie of the land. Get big strong rats, but bring along weasels, stoats and ferrets too. They'll do at a pinch. Mind now, don't stand for arguments. Smash their dens up so they won't have homes to worry about. If any refuse to join up, then kill them there and then. Understood?""You lie, mouseworm. Not help Sparra! Mouse enemy," he shrieked. "King Bull Sparra say killee enemy, k-killeet!""Well, I remember that my old grandad once knew a sea tat," she answered. "Going by his description, I'd say that's what they looked like to me."

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Abbot Mortimer sat in the grass of the Abbey cloisters. All around him the defenders who had been sent down from the wall lay in slumber. Not knowing when the rats were going to stop fighting, and realizing that they might not, the kindly Abbot advised those who had been relieved to try and get some sleep.

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Lunch that day was served out in the orchard. Matthias lined up with the other woodland creatures to collect his food: a bowl of fresh milk, a hunk of wheaten loaf and some goats-milk cheese. Cornflower was serving. She gave Matthias an extra large wedge of the cheese. He rolled up the sleeve of his habit and pulled out the corner of her scarf.With an odd feeling, Matthias realized that he and Warbeak were now on first-name terms.

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