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*member how King Bull like mouse candynuts? Me find more. You take me. We give nuts to King."v"? "But why?" Matthias interjected. Again DunwingThe statement caused an immediate hullaballoo. Bull Sparra flapped his wings once and quiet descended. He cocked his head to one side, assessing this bold young intruder.Dunwing patted him with a reassuring claw. "You go getta cHmb rope. Bring here. I show how."I know exactly when, where, and how die hordes of Cluny will attack your Abbey. What price will you give me for this important information?Smack, clank, bang, thud!"Aha, this looks like the end of the line," he squeaked.

The Father Abbot was awakened by a sword-point at his throat. He was completely surrounded by snarling rats. Jess, Basil, Winifred and Foremole all found themselves in similar situations. The iron claw of Cluny's discipline was strongly evident throughout the maneuver. Complete silence had been observed. Only those held captive were aware of the horde's presence.Constance stood tall, her huge paws folded. "Redtooth, isn't it? I see you still remember me from your defeat at the wall. I told you then we had a score to settle."Dawn arrived as if it were aware of the previous night's events. Heavy grey skies and steady rain prevailed over Redwall and the Mossflower area."Matthias be sick in head?" she inquired.

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Both creatures dashed from the common into the depths of Mossflower. Behind them, Cluny's horde was in headlong pursuit, yelling and shouting. As they ran, Jess panted, "Here, take this and give me the decoy! Hurry."168Plumpen stood by, anxiously watching the Warlord. At least his family would be safe now. The dormouse had faithfully carried out his part in the dreadful scheme; Cluny

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In the cluttered study the old mouse produced a yellowed volume. "Our old friend Sister Germaine's translation of the original Redwall Abbey blueprints. I think I've found what we are looking for in the main diagram. See."Constance grunted in agreement, not wishing to disillusion her trusting old friend. Deep within her she knew a dark shadow was casting itself over the Abbey. Furthermore, it was happening in the present, not in bygone days of fabled deeds.

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"Let me go, Martin! I fear no creature that lives."Matthias looked pensive. "Do you think it could have been the sword?"The next entrance was a tiny hole in the wall, scarcely worth bothering about. Nevertheless, he decided to investigate it. Crouching on all fours, Matthias forced his way into the hole which proved to be another tunnel. He began forcing his way along its narrow length.The Abbot beckoned urgently, "Cornflower, give me that lantern, child. Quickly!"The young mouse repacked the water canteen into his haversack. "Oh, nothing much, Warbeak. Come on, we'd better get on."

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Cheesethief tucked in with satisfaction. Redtooth used to, so why not he? It was his entitlement as Cluny's second-in-command. He sprawled languidly in the Warlord's chair, tilting it and resting his feet on the map-strewn camp table, happy in the knowledge that his destiny was being fulfilled. He secretly hoped that it would start raining heavily, then the rest of the army would recognize his exalted position when they were outside getting soaked, while he was snug and dry inside the tent.

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They battled across the green Abbey lawns, right through the center of the maelstrom of warring creatures. Oblivious to the fighting around them they sought to destroy each other, hacking, stabbing, lunging and swinging in mortal combat.227Matthias scarcely tasted the food that Warbeak had brought back. His mind was focused on the plan. It was extremely hazardous. There would be great danger, not only for himself but also for his Sparra friends.

"Hmm," Matthias mused, "let's look at this logically. Go through it word by word."

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