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Sela had placed herb poultices and healing salves on all the Warlord's wounds. After bandaging them neatly she had administered a potion that would deaden the pain and induce sleep.Killconey cackled and slapped his thigh. "Well now, aren't you the big comical rabbit? Let me tell you, my fine gentleman bucko, you won't be hah0 so funny when the Scourge is done with you. No sir!"

As Matthias placed his paw on the spike in question, the door swung creakingly inwards.Chickenhound's confidence grew as he raced through the woods. He sniggered. Daft old fool! Served him right, he should have got out of the way. Hadn't he realized that he was facing Chickenhound, the overlord of all criminals?

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It would be a surprise maneuver. A handpicked squad led by him would carry out the mission. Dressed in Cluny's war helmet and armor, Redtooth would stay back in the meadow. His disguise would be sufficient to fool the defenders from the distance of the high walls. The rats in the ditch were ordered to continue pressing home the attack until Cluny and his party scaled the walls from behind and fought their way across the grounds to open the Abbey gates.

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"What's he saying?" whispered Matthias.A hush fell over the mice on guard as Cluny and Redtooth were let out on to the road. Swiftly, the horde gathered around the Warlord and his lieutenant. They awaited orders. Deputizing for Cluny, Redtooth called out, "Form up. Back .to die church, everyone."As swiftly as possible Ambrose was hurried to the Abbey infirmary and sick bay. He was attended by the Abbot himself. A hasty diagnosis revealed that the hedgehog was suffering from a long jagged wound that ran from the back of his ear to the tip of his paw. Brother Alf nodded sympathetically.Cluny knew the value of fear as a weapon.

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Some time about mid-morning, Ragear was awakened by the sound of footsteps. As Matthias tramped past he lay low, silently congratulating himself. What a find, a little mouse! He would take him prisoner and bring him back alive to Cluny. That way he could gain some prestige. Cluny might even forget that he panicked and deserted at the Abbey.

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And this time Cluny reckoned that he had hit upon a foolproof plan! He strode across the meadow and hand-picked thirty-odd rats.many illusions left to me, and I do not want to shatter your

"Bats in the belfry."

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