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199? There was no fool like an old fool!293"Oh Matthias, Matthias, my son," he said wearily. "When will you learn to take life a little slower, to walk with dignity and humility? How can you ever hope to be accepted as a mouse of Red wall, when you are always dashing about grinning from whisker to tail like a mad rabbit?"At the camp of Cluny the Scourge, the rat army was girding itself up for war.In his frustration, Matthias gave the sagging armchair a hefty shove. One of the legs collapsed and it fell backwards, revealing crossed lattice strips of hessian on its underside.

"It's all right now, Sam," she said, gently. "The fox cannot hurt us. Thank you for protecting me."He allowed himself a peek at the future. One day this would be called Cluny's Castle. He liked the sound of that. Secure from attack, living off the fat of the land, in his mind's eye he saw it all: those mice and the woodland creatures enslaved, living just to serve him. He would hold sway as far as the eye could see; power; an end to his rovings; a dream come true; King Cluny!63Having finished lunch, the pair lay out like old watchdogs on the sun-warmed stones.

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BOOK TWOThe deep, warm, brazen voice of the Joseph Bell tolled across the tranquil meadows, its echoes fading in the leafy depths of Mossflower Wood. It was eleven o'clock on the night of the full moon."Matthias, quickly, over here in the hut."

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Small campfires had been lighted, and breakfast was being prepared. Matthias decided that it must be nearly daybreak. Turning on his side he kept up the pretense of sleep. Ignoring the presence of the shrews he drifted back into a warm slumber.Log-a-Log took the stone. "Matthias of Redwall, you are on our land. We will escort you. The Guerrilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower would never live down the shame of

sir, lullin' them into a false sense of security! Make 'em think they're winnin*, that's the game."

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"The same one," Matthias replied. "But to cut a long story short, the adder stole the sword from him. That's why I want to know about Asmodeus, you see."Fangburn met him halfway. Cluny held up a claw, silencing him. He would get to the bottom of things without stuttering188Matthias climbed as he had never done before. Aided by Dunwing, he made it. Two things happened at once. He grabbed for the gutter just as the sharp newly-broken stone sawed through the rope. Snap! Grab!As he spoke, Matthias had been moving away from the seeking talons. On a sudden instinct he dived to one side as die owl pounced. He skipped and ran on a zig-zag course, away from the murderous bird. Bilked of his target, Captain Snow madly tore at the grass and scattered dust. All at once he wheeled about and flew upwards, perching at the entrance to his nest-hole in the stunted oak. "All right, you can stop running away now, little warrior. Come back here. I want to talk to you."

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221217The owl spread his wide, snowy wings and Happed upwards to perch on the edge of his den. Folding the wings and shutting his eyes tightly, he shouted out with bad grace, "I promise never to kill or eat another mouse or shrew of any type as long as I live, so there!"


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