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Matthias tapped the basket with his foot. "Listen, Warbeak, if that's your name. You'd better improve your temper, or you'll find yourself without food to eat or any medical attention. So if I were you, I'd sit quietly for a while and think about that."Cluny's powerful tail shot out and dragged the unfortunate forward. Skullface cringed as sharp dirty claws dug into his fur. Cluny nodded at the horse.scratching noise. Summoning up all his courage he banished his fears. Drawing Shadow's dagger he stepped out into the open, calling aloud in what he hoped was a gruff voice.$ 207"It's no good, Dunwing. 1*11 never be able to do it," he gulped."But what's Basil doing asleep in the next bed?" he persisted.

Chickenhound s head flopped from side to side as he was borne along. He would only say one thing. "The Abbot. I must see the Abbot. Keep that badger away from me, or you'll learn nothing."Matthias swelled with pride. Such praise, and from the champion fisher herself, an otter!Matthias tossed and turned in his bed, exhausted, but unable to sleep. His mind revolved around a host of problems andThere was neither sight nor sound of Guosim.

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Obediently everybody laughed with the mad monarch.Finally convinced, Matthias sat among the ferns with his allies. It was not wasted time: they held a council of war.

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Matthias's plea had the desired effect upon the mad King. He sat in the big chair, his eyes glinting cunningly.

Darkclaw and Fangburn grabbed hold of Cluny's smoldering cloak. They dragged him backwards. "Get out of the way, Chief! It's starting to fall!" With a roaring crackle and snap of blazing timber the siege tower leaned crazily to one side. It tottered, then collapsed in a flaring sheet of flame and sparks. The hay wagon listed drunkenly and was pulled over on to its side where it lay burning furiously.

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Seemingly from out of nowhere a mouse leaped, barring Matthias's path! He halted, sizing the strange mouse up. It was an odd-looking wild thing. Matthias was not even too sure it really was a mouse."Pretty much what you'd expect," Matthias replied. "Either she, or the leader King Bull Sparra, is going to kill me. Evidently she looks on anything that can't By as an enemy."It took the rat sentries a moment or two to recover from their surprise. Then they let out yells of rage and tried to seize the impudent hare.

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Matthias scaled the packed straw. He stood on top and looked about. Nothing. He ventured forwards, and suddenly

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I up."


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