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Strolling leisurely around the bank of the Abbey pond, the two companions gathered up the nets preparatory to spreading them upon the water. Brother Alf went farther along the bank, looking for floats. Constance was about to sit down at the water's edge when she heard Alf calling, "Constance, look! Down here! There's a sparrow!"Meanwhile, Cluny the Scourge made his own counterespionage moves. He allowed Sela to minister to his wounds, but he secretly stopped taking the herbs and potions to help him sleep.

At a signal from the Warlord, a gang of rats leaped upon Constance and beat her back into unconsciousness with their weapons. They drove the securing stakes deeper around the net.219"Well, you old tree-jumper. Let's see if we can't baffle the blighters with science!"

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Dunwing looked up from the meal she was preparing. Her

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Log-a-Log pulled her roughly to her feet. "Come on, don't lie there crying, shrew! The adder probably left a good wet trail for us to follow. Where did it happen?"There was a second's pause, then they scattered. One or two of the rats were a bit slow off the mark, but not as slow as Colin Vole and his mother, who were roughly grabbed by the faster sentries."Captain Snow, eh? That old maniac! I've forbidden him the use of my barn, you know. What a thoroughly dreadful bird! He eats anything that moves or crawls. Atrocious table manners, too. All that regurgitating of bone and fur. Ugh!"

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"What we have here, my good comrades in arms," saidWarbeak pointed to the King's chamber. "Dunwing get Bull Sparra wormfood ready. King have no wife to make

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