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performed what looked like an intricate acrobatic dance, followed by several cartwheels at lightning speed.Basil Stag Hare nodded in agreement. "I know, old scout. But the Abbot's such a decent old buffer that he believes there's good in everyone, even Cluny. What?"Bull Sparra raised a kick at Matthias, who dodged nimbly and started to dance and sing with a silly expression on his face.Shaking herself like a dog, Winifred panted, "Look what I : found half-sunk in the water over there. It's a good job theCluny sneered. "Aah, they'll get over it and suffer worse by the time I'm done with them. They're getting too fat and sluggish, by the tripes! They'd not last five minutes in a storm at sea. Come on, you dead-and-alive ragbags! Get up here and gather 'round."

87(Rhymefrom beneath the Great Hall tapestry)As Basil shouted, several things happened at once.Matthias and Warbeak had made slow progress. The climb up to the arches and stained-glass windows was long and arduous. Matthias had relieved the sparrow of her brick hobble, pinioning her wings, make the going easier. At intervals the young mouse drove spikes into the joints of the stone. He was careful not to look down: it was a terrifyingly impressive distance down to the Abbey floor. Only once did he risk a quick glance, not certain if the dark spot on the ground might be Methuselah watching them."Mouse worm, you my prisoner! This court of Sparra! Me King Bull Sparra!"

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Halfway along the top dormitory passage, Matthias halted. A stepladder was set up underneath a wooden loft door in die ceiling. Methuselah came along, leading Warbeak. The sparrow was still wearing the collar, lead and brick shackle."Oh mighty King, mouse not have more candynuts. Not know 'bout sword thing, not even have belt now. Me die if not soon go free. Please letta poor mouseworm go home."Once more the sound of the Joseph Bell tolling out across the fields from Redwall wakened the Warlord. Fangburn, who was trying to extract a piece of elm branch from his Chiefs chest, leaped backwards in fright as Cluny's eye snapped open inches from his own.

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Skirting the edges of the shimmering pool, the two friends dashed into a smallish tunnel at the other side.

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"Oh, pretty much the standard kind used by warriors," Matthias replied. "A round steel affair with hand- and arm-holds."186"Matthias mouse do right thing," she said. "Bull Sparra be wicked; bad temper. Sometimes Dunwing think Bull Sparra mad. Best he thinks you no-harm mouse."

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Ten seconds later they were all gone.

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Above ground, a mole leaning his ear against a thinly-beaten copper basin that was upturned on the earth listened carefully to every word the ferret was saying. He repeated it to Brother Walter, who wrote everything down word for word."She'll make it down," Ambrose Spike yelled. "One more good volley should scare them off."

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