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The old mouse stood up. He stared hard at Matthias for a moment, then, turning, he shuffled slowly off. As he went, he called back over his shoulder, "Because, Matthias . . . because he was very like you!"Outside in the churchyard the leaderless horde did absolutely nothing to reorganize. Sitting about licking theirChickenhound was hauled into the Abbey building and laid out on a bench. Abbot Mortimer shuffled up in his nightshirt, rubbing sleep from his eyes. He inspected the fox's wounds with a critical, practiced look and spoke dispassionately, "Well, fox, what do you want from us? No doubt Cluny your master has sent you here to spy.""Matthias, quickly, over here in the hut."Clinging to the vane with one paw, Matthias jumped up and down in a frenzy. He waved frantically, shouting at the top of his voice. "Jess! It's me, Matthias. Hurry. Oh please hurry!""Aye, that she do. Never diggen or breaken, just turn 'em after dustin'."

? There was no fool like an old fool!The unexpected fright sent Chickenhound dashing back through Cavern Hole with the outraged Friar's shouts ringinghad lost the sword to a giant worm with poison teeth. Matthias knew the description fitted only one thing: a snake!"Do you see that? Well, let it be a warning to you all. Ha, I knew what was going on with Cheesethief. Didn't anyone see him at the battering ram last night acting all high and mighty?"Matthias, with his eyes dry and his head held high, stood up; he felt himself stand taller than he ever had. He helped Cornflower to her feet and bowed to her.

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Constance and Methuselah collapsed against each other, laughing helplessly. It was all Matthias could do to keep a straight face. He pretended to take offense at Methuselah's statement.Warbeak pointed to the King's chamber. "Dunwing get Bull Sparra wormfood ready. King have no wife to makeCornflower and Silent Sam watched them stealing off at lunchtime to continue their conspiracy beneath the trees in the orchard where they would not be disturbed.

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"Ugh! I simply cannot abide the taste of mouse. Filthy little vermin, one can never tell where they've been."It was some time before Cluny could get any sense out of mem. Cheesethief spoke haltingly, glancing back fearfully over his shoulder. "Er, er, we, like ... we got a bit lost, Chief."

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245257The friends pressed onwards. They could not estimate how long they had been following the course of this ancient winding corridor. Methuselah had ventured slightly ahead. Now he halted."We searched and searched, sir," Sela mumbled, "but all we could find was this big stretch of marshland and bog. ..."When Friar Hugo hurried off to join the defenders he left Cornflower in charge of the kitchens. She had busied herself with setting pans of oatmeal and oven bread ready for the next morning's breakfast. Cornflower then thought of the sentries up on the wall, and she set about making a large pan of vegetable soup. It was a great favorite with the defenders at nighttime, especially when she made it to her own recipe. Helped by Mrs. Vole and Mr. Squirrel, she ladled it into

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"Listen to what I say, Matthias. You have been like a son to me, ever since you first came to our gates as an orphaned woodland mouse, begging to be taken in. Come, sit by me and I will try to explain to you what our Order is all about.

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3"Aaaah, I had a nice peaceful nap without you three clattering about the room and creating a noise. How's that tree-felling coming along?"Two mice within Redwall!'"

Methuselah was forced to agree. After sitting awhile and letting his eyes roam about, Matthias remarked, "I've just noticed something. The name of our Abbey is carved into die wall as you go up the steps on the left-hand side, and also as you descend on the right-hand wall. It reads 'Redwall,1 either way."

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