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They sat silent awhile, both racking their brains. Matthias mentioned something that was bothering him as he looked at the graven lines. "What I cannot understand is that sort of dash. Look: '/- am that is.' Do you see, there is a small dash between the words T and 'am.' In fact the same dash occurs three times throughout the rhyme: here, here and here." Matthias pointed.At lightning speed the big rat's claws shot out, and grabbed them both cruelly by the ears. The stupid henchrats yowled piteously as they were lifted bodily from the floor and swung to and fro. In a fit of rage, Cluny bashed their heads together. Half senseless, they were hurled towards the doorway, with his angry words ringing in their skulls. "Beetles, worms, rotten sparrows! Get me meat. Tender, young, red meat! Next time you bring me rubbish like this, I'll spit the pair of you and have you roasted in your own juice. Is that clear?"Killconey performed one of her most elaborate salutes. "The tunnel is goin' very well, yer honor.""What's he saying?" whispered Matthias.Out across the meadow she could plainly see the Warlord's tent. In the strong sunlight the badger watched the silhouette of the big rat moving about behind the canvas. The main problem was that the tent had been pitched too far out of range for sling or bow. Unless the weapon was big and powerful enough to reach that far ... That was it!"That was when our Order found its true vocation. All the mice took a solemn vow never to harm another living creature, unless it was an enemy that sought to harm our Order by violence. They vowed to heal the sick, care for the injured, and give aid to the wretched and impoverished. So was it written, and so has it been through all the ages of mousekind since.them as he moved among the bodies that had fallen from the high branches: four rats, a ferret, and one weasel. Three of the rats and the ferret were dead. They lay where they had fallen, their limbs in grotesque positions. The survivors immediately pounced upon the bodies of their fallen comrades, plundering weapons and objects of clothing that they had coveted. Cheesethief stood riveted by the single eye.

Cluny cracked his tail triumphantly, pulling Plumpen forward until their noses touched. The big rat's voice was as foul and evil as his breath.Matthias came awake slowly. He blinked, yawned, and stretched his body luxuriously. The sun was setting, turning the little stream into a flow of molten red and gold tinged with deep shadow. He lay calm, savoring the peace and quiet of the woodland summer evening.One year later."Maybe Cluny will spare us."loosen it.

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Foremole smiled, his whole face almost vanishing into dark velvet wrinkles. He clapped Matthias on the shoulder in a chummy way. The young mouse was amazed at the weight and strength of Foremole's paw. He was glad that it was a friendly pat.Scragg made one final gurgling whimper and lay still. Cheesethief slunk off chuckling with satisfaction. Hidden in the ferns, Matthias and the baby squirrel held their breath in disbelief. They had seen murder committed!Shadow heard the footsteps on the floor behind him. With cold, calculated detachment he wheeled about as his opponent charged. He was certain to defeat such a small creature in combat, but his orders were to get the picture, not to fight little mice. Besides, there was always the additional hazard that the mouse might hang on to him and shout for help until it came. Like a wraith of oily smoke Shadow completed a clever double maneuver. Bowling his body into a forward roll, he knocked Matthias down like a skittle. Bounding up he slipped around the door, slammed it and fled off through the cloisters.

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Matthias undid the twine that pinioned the sparrow's wings, and Warbeak flapped her wings experimentally. "Long time no fly. Me good, you see."Matthias held up a paw. "Father Abbot, it is our duty not only to defend but to retaliate."

He struck for the world of light and freedom!

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"I wish you'd tell me what you're so excited about," he said severely. "Why are you saying my name?""Don't just stand there! Tell us, tell us!"The cat sniffed disdainfully. "You ask quite a lot. I wouldn't do this for anyone else, you know."defunct workings. The scant vegetation lent the quarry an air of stark desolation."Eat up your dinner or Cluny will come!"

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The badger sat down with her snout between her paws. "Yes, we've got to think. Anyone got an idea?"

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The badger nodded knowingly and continued where Matthias had left off. "Yes, I've seen that sort of thing before. Not much to look at; in fact, just the type of shield that would fit precisely into this circle. Can't you see the slots for the arm-holds? But then again, if you look at that carved circle, you'll notice that it is cut so that the shield would tilt, probably to reflect the moonlight. ..."The squirrel put aside her bow and sat down under cover of the parapet. "They seem to have slackened off somehow, and we haven't seen much of Cluny lately. It's not like the horde to behave in this way. Personally, I think there's something afoot that we don't know about.""Keep those slings throwing! Bring up extra spears! Close up that line! Don't fire until you see them stand!"

"Mutiny, insubordination!" Cluny roared. "By the teeth of hell, I'll flay you into mangy dollrags."

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