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Cluny whirled round. Just out of reach across the fence on the common land stood Basil Stag Hare, in the "at ease" position.She laughed at him. "Get along, and eat your lunch, warrior mouse, or I'll show you my deadly aim with a piece of this cheese."Mow from the improvised staff sent him crashing to die ground.The foxes hastened to do as they were told, glad to be out of the oppressive atmosphere of the sickroom."Asmodeus? Where did you hear that name?"Shaking with fury, Matthias allowed himself to be pulled back on to the chair. The Abbot turned to Cluny.7

The badger smiled affectionately. More and more she was coming to trust Matthias's natural skill as a leader and tactician. "Don't fret, Brother Alf. Whatever it is, you can bet your habit it'll be an original Matthias gem. That young mouse has got more in his head than a pile of acorns."They called her name in loud whispers, not wanting to shout for fear of disturbing the snake. Matthias became im-patient.The two mice hugged each other. They danced around amid the chaos of paper, chanting with joy,287"You'll what? Did I hear you say that you'd fight Asmodeus? You! Oh little mouse, run away and play before I crack a wing laughing. Ha ha ha hee hee oh hohohoho! Oh, dearie me! Are you sure you haven't been drinking old apple brandy? A mouse fighting an adder! Oh my, now I've heard everything!"

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Together they examined the stone steps minutely, going back over each one several times. Matthias sat on the bottom step. He shrugged. "They appear to be seven ordinary broad stone steps; nothing special; quite the same as any other set of stairs in the Abbey, wouldn't you say?""There's no way out up there, mouse," he called. "I'm coming up after you. You're as good as dead now."Brother Methuselah was busy with a small brush and a pot of black ink. As he brushed the dust of ages from each letter on the wall, he filled it in with ink. This would make it easier to read the message that had been graven underneath the tapestry.

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Cornflower dozed against Matthias's shoulder. She could hear the gentle lull of her father's voice and that of John Churchmouse, blending with the hum of nocturnal insects from the meadow and hedges on this balmy summer night."Do you mean this mouse?"

Cluny lounged nonchalantly against the tree. "Well done, squirrel. Very clever indeed. I could use someone like you in my army. Somebody smart, with brains like yours."

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"It's Ambrose Spike. He's hurt. Quick, let's get down there.""Our grandmum, she'm foind lots o' them."93Matthias capered about. He went down on one knee, offering the nuts. Bull Sparra snatched the parcel. Hoggishly he stuffed far more of the nuts into his beak than it could cope with. Closing his eyes in ecstasy, he gobbled furiously. Pieces of nut falling from his beak littered his breast feathers. Matthias's eyes roved about the chamber, searching. It was nothing special as Sparra habitations went; a straw palliasse, some butterfly wings stuck to the wall by way of decoration. In one corner there was a huge overstuffed old chair. How it got there would forever remain a mystery. Matthias's attention was held by something that protruded out of the back of the chair. It was an old-fashioned-looking object made from black leather with lots of silver trimming, identical to the belt he was wearing.

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"You carry on to Redwall, Matthias," Log-a-Log said. "I will wait here for my band. We'll force march most of the way, don't worry. The Guerrilla Shrews won't be far

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Chickenhound heaved the scroll with all his strength. He was gratified to see Constance lean out and catch it. Hopefully he called, "I'll wait right here for an answer.""Second rank, fire! Drop back, kneel and reload!""Hold him still now, hold him still!"


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