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Mice and woodlanders sat about on the stone floor of Great Hall, each creature with its own sorrowful thoughts.Even the silent victors began to realize that victory came at a high price. Freshly dug graves and a crowded infirmary bore silent witness to the reality of war.Still moving quickly, and panting for breath, the young mouse gasped, "Matthias mouse, Warrior of Redwall Abbey. The medal belongs to my friend Basil Stag Hare. He sends his compliments, Cap'n, sir.""Shrewmouse help you. How many warrior him got?" Warbeak chimed."Go and boil your head, rat!" came Constance's gruff reply.

Sela licked her lips. She tried to look kindly but earnest. "Actually I was going back to my den to replenish my stock of herbs, that's if you wish me to treat your leader properly, of course."

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"Ah, Brother Fangburn, let me explain. I will tell you why it is that you and all your kind will forever remain servants, while I shall always be the master. Did you not see the faces of those mice today? The mere mention of Martin the Warrior sends them into ecstasies. Don't you see, he is their symbol. His name means the same to those mice as mine does to the horde: in a different way maybe. Martin is some sort of angel; I'm the opposite. Think for a moment. If anything were to happen to me, you'd all be a leaderless rabble, a headless mob. So, if the mice were to lose their most precious omen, the picture of Martin, where would that leave them?"

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Basil Stag Hare had the answer. He produced a beautifully made knife. It was very small, encased in a cunningly crafted willow bark sheath. The hare beckoned Sam. "C'm'ere, you

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