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Matthias drained the last of the milk from his bowl, wiping cream from his whiskers with the back of a paw. "Give meAs the Abbot spoke, so his voice increased in volume and solemnity. Matthias sat under his stem gaze, completely humbled. Abbot Mortimer stood and put a wrinkled old paw lightly on the small head, right between the velvety ears, now drooping with shame.He held out the chewed and broken climbing rope. Cluny snatched it. "This looks like Shadow's climbing rope. He's dead. What are you fools trying to tell me?"?eyes were serious.time the siege tower, its wheels muffled with sacking, stood"And nuts? We must not run short of nuts."

Matthias. "Ah well, Hare's the family name, don't y'know.With a sack upon his back the wily fox roamed from room to room. The Abbey was his oyster.The King issued his orders to Warbeak and Dunwing. "You keep mouseworm on lead. No wander, no stray. Give plenty work. Much kick, like this."Matthias was loth to hang about while a creature was lying injured within his sight, but he had to heed his friend's advice. There just might be some of Cluny's rats lying in ambush for any creature that ventured into the shadowy fringes of Mossflower. However, Matthias was growing impatient."No, but you?

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Matthias continued ducking and weaving, conscious that his life hung by a thread. Captain Snow flicked out a talon. Matthias dodged nimbly aside.Fortunately, Scragg the weasel was on the alert. He caught the end of the plank, steadying it. Cheesethief regained his balance and clung miserably to his perch as Cluny hissed in rage at him.

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The crowd fell silent. All that could be heard was Silent Sam sucking his tiny paw as he clutched on to his father's tail."Asmodeus, Asmodeusssssssssss!"

Matthias shook his head. "No, I cannot allow it. It's far too dangerous."

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The fat little Friar fell to his knees, tears coursing openly down his plump face. He cradled the sad, small bundle that had once been the wisest and oldest mouse of Red wall.

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Guosim grabbed the stone from the ground. "Stop, Log-a-Log! You have no right to strike a comrade! He was only stating the facts. Our Guerrilla Union rules clearly state that no member can be forced to venture beyond official shrew boundaries."Would Jess be able to catch sight of him?

"No, no, of course I wouldn't," he said soothingly. "All you have to do is let go of that scrap of doth and let it drift down here to me. The moment you do, your loved ones' safety is assured. Believe me, squirrel. I give you my word of honor."

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