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"Follow me," Cluny rapped. "Cheesethief, I'm leaving you in charge until I get back."Bump!The giant bow worked perfectly. Cheesethiefs latest promotion was swift but brief. He never knew what it was that snuffed his life out!Complete silence fell. He handed the pebble to Matthias.Basil bobbed up alongside Cluny. "What ho, old rat! Showing a bit of initiative? Never ask the troops to do what you can't do yourself and all that! Splendid!"With two rats flanking him, the Father Abbot stepped forward in a slow, dignified manner. Even clad in his nightwear he radiated calm and fortitude. Cluny sat back, sneering openly.Suddenly the spell of the snake was broken. The young mouse's eyes snapped open, clear and bright. He swung the ancient sword high and struck at the giant adder.

Foremole produced a thick, fine-haired handbrush from his tunneling kit. Bending close, he brushed furiously at the upper and lower insteps of the fourth stone. As he swept, he snuffled and blew, following the path of his brush. It soon became apparent that the stone had been cunningly jointed. The dust came away to reveal a continuous hairline crack which ran around the edges of the step.From the depths of the hay cart the rodents of the Warlord's army watched their Master. They knew him well enough to stay clear of him in this present mood. He was violent, unpredictable.Cheesethief fell to his knees, sobbing. "But you didn't see him. Chief. He was just lying there. His face was all swollen and his tongue was sticking out. It had gone purple. Ugh! He was all sort of bloated like ... it was horrible!"Redtooth prodded her with a spear. "Cluny gave strict orders that you must stay here until he's better.""Ah, Father Abbot, you read me like a book. I do have a secret, but trust me, all will be made known to you in the fullness of time."

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The old gatehouse-keeper gave him a neatly-drawn map. "You'll find it all marked down there, Matthias. That door leads to a loft. Turn to your right and keep walking until you291296

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"Well, wherever he is," the Abbot replied, "I'm certain that he is helping our cause, so we'll just have to await his return and trust to Matthias's judgment and good sense."Cluny was alive!

The fox and the rat stood looking at each other, their thoughts running on parallel lines. It was fairly obvious what must be done if they were to save their skins.

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Cluny sat and watched them from the distance as he talked aloud to himself. "Good work, mice, strengthen my gates. 1 wouldn't want to rule a fortress with broken doors."always funny.55Matthias had decided against trying the shield in its niche before the appointed hour. He felt somehow that they must abide by the rules of the verse, waiting until day's first hour on the night of the full moon. It just had to be so. No use tempting fickle Dame Fortune."Right, cock your lugs up and listen to me," Cluny snarled. "First, we've got to find out where we have docked. Let's take a bearing on this place."

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Matthias felt the fur on the back of his neck rising.

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"Huh, I certainly wouldn't waste good time and medicine on this one," said Jess coldly.Matthias blinked and looked about. "Hello, Cornflower. You see, I got back in one piece. Oh hello, Brother Alf. I say, is that Basil in the next bed?""Or sparrows," giggled the hedgehog.

Redtooth gnawed anxiously on a split claw. "Maybe not, Chief, but have you cast a weather eye over that badger?"

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