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The young sparrow blinked her fierce little eyes. "Matthias, my mouse friend. I no leave. Stay with you."Again the two friends sat to ponder the mystery. This time it was Matthias's turn to become excited and point a paw at his companion.149In Mossflower Wood, Ragear was struggling with the rope that bound him to the oak tree. He could hear far-off sounds, which meant only one thing. His Chief was attacking the Abbey.Cornflower and Friar Hugo exited leaning upon each other, their faces crimson with suppressed laughter.Matthias stooped, speaking gently for fear of frightening the infant. "Hello there. My name's Matthias. What's yours?"Cluny ran about in a berserk rage. Temporarily bereft of his senses, he seized hold of smoldering, injured rats, some with their fur alight.

"Good. You did well. I want them kept alive," muttered Cluny as he walked across to the ditch and peered down at the captives.Matthias held up a paw. "Father Abbot, it is our duty not only to defend but to retaliate."Matthias grinned ruefully. "I apologize, sir. I accept your offer of help gratefully, I didn't mean to be rude."Through the crossed latticework Matthias could see the shine of black leather and silver. Hastily they ripped and tore with beak, claw and paw. Dust and aged stuffing flew everywhere. Matthias triumphantly pulled the scabbard and sword belt free of the wreckage.The badger's eyes blazed with contempt as she spun the vixen around. "Here's your reward, traitor!"

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116199he had put himself at the head of the party, helping them to carry the cumbersome object.

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157The badger nodded knowingly and continued where Matthias had left off. "Yes, I've seen that sort of thing before. Not much to look at; in fact, just the type of shield that would fit precisely into this circle. Can't you see the slots for the arm-holds? But then again, if you look at that carved circle, you'll notice that it is cut so that the shield would tilt, probably to reflect the moonlight. ..."

The frog remained perfectly still. There seemed to be two figures, and some sort of shadow. The moon came out from behind a cloud.

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Within ten minutes Cluny was back. He nodded up at the parapet. "I've been up and down the length of the wall for a fair distance. The sentry mice are all asleep, the fools! They've never had to do guard duty before - as soon as night falls so do their eyelids. That's what soft living does for you."At the center of the front rank stood a rat who had been wounded in the first encounter at the Abbey, He whispered out of the comer of his mouth to his comrade-in-arms alongside him, "Huh, leads us, my foot! Last time we attacked he stood well out of the way, back in some meadow."Cornflower was never quite sure of what Foremole was saying, but she loved listening to his funny, countrified-mole dialect.and special knowledge of the kindly mice? All knew that they owed their very existence to the Abbot and his community. Healing, aid, food, shelter and good advice were granted to all. Now was the time to unite and repay, to give any help that was possible. Before much longer Redwall would require the skills and knowledge of all its woodland allies. They would be gratefully given!him?

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The sounds of the pursuers grew louder. They were gaining.At lightning speed the big rat's claws shot out, and grabbed them both cruelly by the ears. The stupid henchrats yowled piteously as they were lifted bodily from the floor and swung to and fro. In a fit of rage, Cluny bashed their heads together. Half senseless, they were hurled towards the doorway, with his angry words ringing in their skulls. "Beetles, worms, rotten sparrows! Get me meat. Tender, young, red meat! Next time you bring me rubbish like this, I'll spit the pair of you and have you roasted in your own juice. Is that clear?"Matthias had fallen off his chair. He waved his paws, pleading for the joking to stop, as he rolled about on the floor, exploding from bouts of giggling to fits of laughter.

Having found neither sword nor snake, the King had become peeved and bad tempered. He issued orders to the search party that they were to stay on the floor of the woods until they found something. Meanwhile, he must go back to the

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