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Matthias replied in Sparra language, "Warbeak good hunter. Mouse like flower. Make good wormfood. Where be Dunwing mother?""Giant Poisonteeth, the snake, Asmodeus, he was here! I didn't spot him until it was too late. He's taken Mingo. Gave him the magic eyes, then bit him and dragged him off! Poor Mingo. Ugh! It was horrible, horrible, I tell you, the rotten filthy reptile!" Guosim flung herself down sobbing into the grass.Hugo nodded knowingly and waddled off to do his Abbot's bidding."Hold him still now, hold him still!"Back at the church Cluny had risen from his bed. He attempted an exploratory walk, leaning on his banner as he stumped gingerly around the room.80

"Not the silly ass who managed to get himself drowned yesterday?" said Basil through a mouthful of hazelnut junket.strangely slanted, black without any brightness in them. The eyes of Shadow were like those of a dead thing.The old fool of an Abbot and his stupid devoted band of creatures were all outside, shoring up gatehouses, drilling, fetching, carrying and generally being good and useful."This would mean the end of Cluny as a legend of terror; so you see, when Cluny recovers he will be virtually forced to mount a second assault upon Redwall."

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What if the King left them behind but hid them in a newThe old gatehouse-keeper put on his glasses. "Well, have you solved the riddle all by yourself?""Of course you did, Jess," said Matthias, hiding his disappointment. "Thank you very much for your valiant efforts."

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Log-a-Log shook his friend. "What's she saying, Matthias? You look as if you've seen the ghost of Poisonteeth. For goodness' sake, what's going on?"

"Murderer! Oh, you barbarous creature! You have killed Brother Methuselah!"

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When the Abbot had departed, Chickenhound snuggled his filthy body down against the clean white sheets. He felt a little better already, well enough to have a quiet snigger.Matthias shoved his friend behind him. Planting his feet wide apart he hefted the great sword in both paws."I have a feeling he won't," Log-a-Log replied. " Asmodeus got a full day's hunt in yesterday. With the unexpected bonusCluny held on to branches for as long as he could. Soon he was out on the middle of the plank with nothing to steady him. Trying hard not to glance downwards at the dizzying drop, he inched his way "up the plank, towards the wall.Matthias was delighted. "Martin's tapestry, back here at the Abbey? How marvelous! I'll bet old Methuselah is over the moon to have it back once more."

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The young fieldmouse helped Matthias with the haversack straps. She tried not to let her concern for him show. "Matthias, I know you won't tell me where you are going, but wherever it is, please take care of yourself."

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