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Exerting the full strength of a female badger, she lifted the massive Cavern Hole dining table. It was a huge solid oaken thing that no dozen mice could even move. Dishes clattered and food spilled as Constance heaved the table above her head. Her voice was a roar. "Get out, rats! Leave this Abbey! I'm weary of your voices. Hurry before 1 break the laws of hospitality and ask the Abbot's pardon later. Go, while you still have skulls.""Hurry, get the six best field and harvest mouse archers! Those birds have got to be stopped immediately."140Battlehawk hit Matthias in the face with a stiff bony wing. "Mouseworm, shut beak or me killee."

As they strolled along, Julian protested to his companion, "Really, Matthias, I think you are asking a bit much of one. Does one have to stand around listening to that befeathered regimental bore giving air to his hide-bound militaristic views? Oh, it's too much!"The fox waved his flag, squinting up at Constance. "But I must see the Abbot! I come in peace. I have important information for sale."Bull Sparra handed the lead to Warbeak. Turning to his subjects, he chuckled insanely and pointed at Matthias. "King Bull Sparra spare mouse. How you like him for pet, my niece? Mouse, you obey my sister and her eggchick, funny,

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As the Abbot spoke, so his voice increased in volume and solemnity. Matthias sat under his stem gaze, completely humbled. Abbot Mortimer stood and put a wrinkled old paw lightly on the small head, right between the velvety ears, now drooping with shame.

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"Who else but meself, sir?" the ferret wheedled. "And don't I know some grand ould animals that could help? Ferrets like me, stoats and weasels; why, sure, we're as good as any mole when it comes to the tunnelin', so we are; shorin' and bankin', sinkin' shafts and galleries?12

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The sparrow settled herself. She looked gravely at the young mouse. "Today Matthias escape Sparra court. Me make plan, King not right to keep mouse prisoner."Matthias continued ducking and weaving, conscious that his life hung by a thread. Captain Snow flicked out a talon. Matthias dodged nimbly aside.A rat armorer set the war helmet firmly upon Cluny's head. He snapped the visor down and kicked aside the rat who had fixed the poison barb on his tail.

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Darkclaw set his claws against the ground to lever his body out of the hole. Before he could do anything to stop them the badger and her companion tipped the bulky pots over.

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