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Winifred and Foremole set it down on the parapet. Bent double, two moles staggered up carrying between mem an enormous rock. Foremole indicated the opposite end of the seesaw. "Arr, purrumthur, that's a noice bowlder, my beauties.""Over there, to the right of that aspen. Look, they're moving again."Somewhere there had to be at least a clue, a single lead that might tell him where the resting place of Martin the Warrior could be found, or where he could regain possession of the ancient sword for his Abbey. But where?Killconey had proved an invaluable help. He had been across to the woods to satisfy his curiosity about what the rats were doing there. It came as no surprise to the ferret to see a large siege tower under construction. However, there was a problem. The cart still lay upturned in the ditch. Try as they would, the rats had not been able to remove a set of wheels and an axle from it.Redtooth swaggered back and forth on the churchyard paving as he recited the formula from memory. "Right, eyes front. You're in the service of Cluny the Scourge now, me buckoes! Desert and you'll be killed. Retreat and you're underSlowly they repeated the line together, "'At night, when day's first hour.'"

Redtooth bared his teeth and snarled. "I'm going to enjoy this, badger. I'll make sure you die slowly."Darkclaw nodded obediently.136Log-a-Log came racing up. Matthias shouted to him, "Guosim's in a state of shock! Help me, let's get her into the water."

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Abbot Mortimer lay in the cloister gardens surrounded by his mice and woodland friends. Everyone was there, from Queen Warbeak and Log-a-Log to Cornflower and Silent Sam, down to the humblest mouse. The poison barb on Cluny's tail had done its deadly work. The Father Abbot was dying.Tense moments ticked by. A crowd of creatures lined theMatthias thanked his lucky stars that he had once more come out alive. Had he refused to give the belt he would surely have died. Anyhow, he reflected, it was only a temporary loan. As he planned on stealing the scabbard from Bull Sparra, why not the belt to go with it?

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The badger eyed him coldly. "Then chuck it up here. I'll see that he gets it.""Ha, one shot is all we'll need."

"Me tella 'bout sword case," Dunwing said bitterly. "King Bull Sparra be frighten to tella rest of Sparra that he lose sword. Huh, he not know Greytail tell me, but I watch King, Dunwing know. Bull Sparra still pretend sword in case. That way he stay King. If I tella, he killee me and Warbeak, this 1 know. Someday Warbeak my eggchick be Queen. She have royal blood, then Sparra folk be better, be happy. Bull Sparra rule for now, huh, lose heart, lose sword. No good crazy bird, Bull Sparra."

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"If we stand up here at one o'clock in the morning on the night of the foil moon, we may be able to find the sword of Martin the Warrior," he said, rather sternly.Brother Alf chuckled. "Do I! Matthias wouldn't be satisfied until that fish was landed on the bank. I was all for givingIt hung from the fork of a tree root at the back of the viper's den. A large red pommel-stone was set into the top of the hilt. The handle was of black leather and silver to match the belt and scabbard. Below a heavy silver crosspiece was the blade. Made from the finest steel, its double edges tapered to a ruthlessly-sharp tip. Down the center of the blade ran a blood channel, either side of which there were symbols which Matthias could not make out.At first Cornflower thought he was play-acting as usual. The baby squirrel stood on top of the gatehouse threshold. Pointing down to the road with his knife, he beckoned Cornflower and Ambrose with his well-sucked paw to come and see something.

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Cheesethief was in a cheery mood. He hummed happily under his breath as he prodded Scragg with his foot.

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Polite but eager applause rippled round as Hugo sliced the fish, and placed the first steaming portion on to a platter. With suitable dignity he presented it to the Abbot, who thanked him graciously."You lie, mouseworm. Not help Sparra! Mouse enemy," he shrieked. "King Bull Sparra say killee enemy, k-killeet!"Cluny remained riveted to the spot, his eye staring upwards. Before he had time to think it was too late. . . .

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