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The young mouse unpinned Basil's medal from his tunic."Ah, shut your moaning face," said Cluny irritably. "IfMethuselah nodded wistful agreement. "Indeed it would. But alas, for all our efforts, the trail is as cold as a midwinter night. I'm afraid we must resign ourselves to the fact that the sword is lost or hidden somewhere forever."abruptly."Thanks, Chief. Don't worry. I won't let you down," Scragg murmured.Matthias was puzzled. "Spreading lies; what good will that do?"Chiny sniffed the air. His senses told him the searchers were returning. Cheesethief and a ferret named Killconey came crashing out of the underbrush. They were trembling and twitching. Both looked as if they had been badly scared.

"Hold him still now, hold him still!"Cornflower dozed against Matthias's shoulder. She could hear the gentle lull of her father's voice and that of John Churchmouse, blending with the hum of nocturnal insects from the meadow and hedges on this balmy summer night.Basil dismissed the rearguard and caught up with Ambrose. "I say, you'd best get that rascal straight to the jolly old Abbot. Let him make his statement before he pegs out, don'cha know.""What in hell, more like."

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"No, no, Brother Whatsyourname. You pass logs along like this. Look, you go and get a bite to eat. Come on, the rest of you beautiful dreamers! Stir your stumps or I'll have your whiskers for bootlaces."73

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that this was no clumsy rat he faced. He chanced a sudden glance to check if Jess was nearby. As he did, his back left leg shot down into a pothole. It twisted and Basil fell heavily to the ground.120

Without warning, Matthias shoved Warbeak roughly off die ledge.

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Cluny lounged nonchalantly against the tree. "Well done, squirrel. Very clever indeed. I could use someone like you in my army. Somebody smart, with brains like yours."Cornflower and Silent Sam watched the fox being carried away. Sam stood in front of her, his dagger drawn to protect them both. She ruffled his pointed ears.Silent Sam was re-enacting the entire episode in pantomime for the benefit of Tim and Tess and some other infant creatures. They were in tucks of laughter at his antics as Sam slapped at his fur and performed somersaults with a comical expression on his face.Bong! Boom! Bong! Boom! Even the small creatures in wood and field who could understand no language save their own knew what it meant. "Time of danger, place of sanctuary."

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"Give me your sparrow's word that you won't fly off."

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spat it out.356Mrs. Vole struggled upright but was forced back down by Scumnose and Fangbum. Chattering with rage she shouted at Cluny, "You'll never bend Redwall to your evil will. Good will prevail! You'll see, Cluny. We are tied up, but our minds are free."

The high, warm sun shone down on Cluny the Scourge.

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