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The hare twitched his ears confidently. "Say no more, laddie. You've come to the right stag. Listen carefully. You cut across the flank to their left. They took a piece of planking out of the fence by the lych-gate. That's where you'll slide through. When you've got what you came for, then make your exit the same way. I'll be somewhere about keeping an eye on you. Right, off you go."anywhere about? He'd better do the rounds and tell them to take sanctuary here at the Abbey as quickly as possible. Spike'11 come to no harm. Once he curls up, there's nothing can touch him."The captive sparrow fluttered her wings against the upturned basket. "I killee you!" she chattered angrily at Matthias. "I killee mouse, let Warbeak free, you dirty worm."

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The young mouse stood tapping his tail in exasperation.

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Well, what a stroke of luck. Fancy Cornflower's family living so close to the Churchmouse brood! Matthias was only too glad to offer them a lift home.


Cluny had climbed down from his perch on the tombstone. He stood by the churchyard fence, intent on trying out the whipping powers of his fearsome tail upon a few rats that he had dubbed "the awkward squad." Flexing his long scourge-like tail, he gave a few experimental swishes and cracks as he shouted commands.

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