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Matthias's eyes gleamed with a new determination."Ah, Brother Alf, my old and valued companion. When I am gone to my rest you will take my place as Abbot. You are a wise and compassionate mouse. I know you will look after my creatures for me."Matthias watched admiringly. "What splendid workers these moles are, Methuselah."The frog remained perfectly still. There seemed to be two figures, and some sort of shadow. The moon came out from behind a cloud."Don't just stand there! Tell us, tell us!"

"That may be," replied the Abbot. "But it would be churlish to begrudge Basil's requests. After all, he did recapture our tapestry from Cluny. It was a very daring deed."Matthias stooped, speaking gently for fear of frightening the infant. "Hello there. My name's Matthias. What's yours?"Cluny cracked his tail triumphantly, pulling Plumpen forward until their noses touched. The big rat's voice was as foul and evil as his breath.Knows nought at all.

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The King held out a grasping claw. "More! Mouseworm got more candynut gift for Majesty?"Chickenhound sniggered, but seeing the badger's stern expression, he quickly took control of himself.

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Redwall had won the final battle."Look, Cornflower, a very close friend gave me this last night."

Within ten minutes Cluny was back. He nodded up at the parapet. "I've been up and down the length of the wall for a fair distance. The sentry mice are all asleep, the fools! They've never had to do guard duty before - as soon as night falls so do their eyelids. That's what soft living does for you."

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59The rat was completely petrified. The breath seemed to freeze in his lungs. The sinister blunt head moved in a lazy rhythm, its forked tongue flickering endlessly in and out, the round beadlike jet eyes never leaving his for an instant. Its voice was like dry leaves rustling in an autumn breeze.Cluny had left his picked band back in the woodlands. They knew what they had to do. It would take a bit of time, but it was a sound, workable plan. Striding swiftly over the meadow, some sixth sense told Cluny that all was not right. His one eye scoured the area. There was the horde, gathered together at the far end, but what had happened to his tent?Small creatures rubbing sleep from their eyes in confusion were dragged out into the Abbey grounds. Woodland infants wept fitfully as they clung to their parents. Bullying rats pushed and harried everyone out into the open where they made them sit on the grass. Abbot Mortimer in his homespun nightshirt was kept to one side with his captains. Their paws were cruelly bound behind them. They stood in stolid silence as sniggering rats referred to them as "The Ringleaders."

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The young sparrow blinked her fierce little eyes. "Matthias, my mouse friend. I no leave. Stay with you."

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Slowly the young mouse rose to his feet. The cat seemed uninterested in him as a possible food source. Matthias's legs were shaking so much that he had to sit down again.The long battering ram lay unguarded, conveniently spotlighted by the rats' abandoned torches. Two well-aimed buckets full of vegetable oil were hurled down. They smashedThen the phantom figure appeared.

A picture of a mouse?

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