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Methuselah halted and blinked over his spectacles. "And you dare doubt the word of our Abbot that Cluny the Scourge exists? What idiotic mice you are, to be sure.""Why pick on a small mouse? Surely a big strong rat like you can deal with an old badger? Come on, try me for size."Sela and her son skulked in a corner. They felt trapped. Nobody had spoken to them since the demise of Redtooth. 旾t was as if they were being blamed.In the silence that followed, the Abbot rose and confronted Matthias. Stooping slightly, he stared into the young mouse's bright eyes. "Think carefully, my son. Was there anything special you noticed about this rat?""And that's when well strike!"But Sela the fox would!

Constance the badger had to be called. Gripping the fish in her strong jaws, she followed the two mice to the Abbey kitchen and delivered the catch for them. Then she made her farewells; they would see her at the Jubilee feast that evening, along with many other Mossflower residents who had been invited to share the festivities."Come now," said Methuselah, "compared with me, you are still a mouse in your prime. Yet like many others that think my senses are failing, you cannot see half the things that my old eyes observe.""Aye, Chief, d'you want me?"Cluny stumped off dejectedly, rubbing his backside with one claw.Cheesethief was in a cheery mood. He hummed happily under his breath as he prodded Scragg with his foot.

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Martin tightened his hold relentlessly upon Matthias's shoulder. Pain shot through him like a red-hot lance. Martin cried out, "Hold him still now, hold him still!""Indeed he was," said the ferret, "and your man here says to me, says he, 'There's something pulling Ragear along.' Sure, we couldn't see what it was for all the bushes, so we pulled them to one side between us, and what did we see?"

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Instant realization sent a leaden weight thudding into the pit of Matthias's stomach!

The mouse, the shrew and the sparrow plunged off into the green wooded world of Mossflower together.

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"The otters! The otters!""Matthias all red mouse."Polite but eager applause rippled round as Hugo sliced the fish, and placed the first steaming portion on to a platter. With suitable dignity he presented it to the Abbot, who thanked him graciously.The rats tried to circle Matthias. One got too near. A hefty56

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Matthias did a cartwheel. He whooped withjoy. "Methuselah, you're a magician, an ancient wizard."

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Cluny climbed on to the plank and tested it. The improvised bridge wobbled and sprang a bit, but it held.

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