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Turning to Matthias, the old mouse continued, "Yes, most interesting. These thirteen small circles with smiling faces. What do you make of them?"The dreadrul sound was much closer now! Struggling and pushing forward, he came to the end of the tunnel.He struck for the world of light and freedom!As soon as it was dark, Chickenhound made his move. He was only too glad to do so. Flies, wasps, worms and all manner of crawlies had been thoroughly investigating him all afternoon. Slowly and carefully he rolled about in the thick mud until it formed a poultice, cooling the wounds in his leg and neck, preventing further blood loss. Under the cover of night he wobbled unsteadily to his feet, limping away up the bed of the ditch towards Redwall.21

"Sleeping at your posts, allowing the enemy into our Abbey to steal that which we hold most dear! Is this the way you defend us?" The Abbot's shoulders slumped wearily. There was an awkward hush - anger and guilt lay thick upon the air. The kindly old mouse shook his head and held up a conciliatory paw.From his vantage point Matthias looked down. Far below him on the floor he could see Cluny holding the spike under Friar Hugo's chin."You come quick, mouseworm. King wanta see you."

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"You didn't know I was a lancejack, did you, m'dear? Ah those were the days of the old Forty-Seventh Hare Border Rangers! That was the first time I ever clapped eyes on a stag! I say,.I'm not boring you, am I? Nod's as good as a wink to old bachelor Basil, y'know."banks. All that could be seen was the still, dark water, broken

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It was as if he had stepped out of the tapestry upon die wall. On his arm was a burnished shield, at his waist was a sword belt of black leather and silver. From the scabbard at his side he drew forth a mighty sword.

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