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"Well, what do you see, young one?" queried Methuselah.Chickenhound froze momentarily. The sack of loot clattered from his nerveless paws. Friar Hugo halted in his tracks.While Log-a-Log held the rock from closing, Matthias peered into the hole. It was a long dark tunnel sloping down the side of the quarrystone.The fox's entire body was afire with pain. Twice they had stabbed him, once in the back leg, and again right through the loose skin and fur at the scruff of his neck. Chickenhound had screamed and fallen into the ditch, helped by the feet of the rat executioners. He had immediately blacked out. Sela's carcass landed on top of her son's body in the shallow muddy water.Matthias looked blank. "Beg pardon?"Cluny climbed on to the plank and tested it. The improvised bridge wobbled and sprang a bit, but it held."How many did we get?" he inquired.

Fury took hold of the young mouse. He waved the stone and cried out, "Go on, fight, then, little fools, you and your bossy little union. I don't need any of you! I'll go it alone," and he hurled the stone with a mighty effort. It flew off over the heads of the rioters, disappearing into the wood.The Warrior Mouse strode out into the crowd. He pointed his blade at the quivering Warlord."Phew! Dear, dear, don't you chaps ever take a bath? Listen here, you dreadful creature. D'you realize that you smell to high heaven? Er, by the way, did your parents ever call you Pongo, or did they smell as bad as you?"rolling it very skillfully under his feet. All the time he wasSatisfied, Foremole moved towards the test hole with the rest of his team. "Oi'll dig ahead, you'm woiden workin's. Gaffer and Marge, foller up a-shorin." He tugged his snout respectfully to Matthias and Constance. "You'm gennelbeast bide by 'ere 'til us back."

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Matthias. Redwall Abbey is in danger from Cluny the Scourge and his horde?82"Harr, warra you'm be about, a layin' in yon road?"

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Matthias studied the blueprint carefully.

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The badger eyed him coldly. "Then chuck it up here. I'll see that he gets it."The compassionate Father Abbot consoled the sad squirrel: "Jess, it's no fault of yours. There was not a thing that you could have done, my friend. The fall was so great that no creature could have survived it. Tomorrow we will search again, then we must bury my old companion Methuselah. Poor mouse, he never did anything to deserve such a cruel fate."Constance stopped the proceedings with a loud angry bark. "Here now. Enough of that, rat. You are here to talk with the Abbot. Get along with you."The Captain flung the medal backwards into his nest. "Done!"

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Reflects the North.

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"Why pick on a small mouse? Surely a big strong rat like you can deal with an old badger? Come on, try me for size.""All comfy back there?" called Matthias. "Right, off we go, Constance."in

"No got more candynuts," the young mouse cried. "Please, Majesty, give mouseword, no more candynuts. Me give great King this belt, then he letta mouse go freehome."

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