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Matthias followed the baby squirrel through bramble and bush. Whenever he tried to communicate, all that he received was a nod or a shake of the tiny creature's head. They had been traveling for quite a long time. As the pale fingers of dawn crept across the sky Matthias was beginning to doubt that his companion knew the way.She made her way to the door. Fangburn and Redtooth stood barring it.Matthias gazed in admiration at Warbeak's mother. "Well, ! never! You are going to spread a rumor that the snake has the sword and is dying down in the woods. Amazing, I can picture it now. Bull Sparra will go chasing straight down mere with his warriors. Meanwhile I will escape out on to the roof. Correct?""Aye, and that one on the back! He looked like the Devil himself."He had lain down in the Churchmouses* bed for a well-earned rest while his army was going about its allotted tasks. He should never have tried to sleep on an empty stomach, but weariness overcame his hunger.And as for Cluny promoting a weasel to captain over rats of his own kind, well Redtooth and Darkclaw and the others might have something to say about that! Upstart weasel, he'd only joined up a day or two ago. If he got half the chance, Cheesethief would fix Scragg all right."Why, Martin, why?" he moaned.

He watched as the fox sprinkled "magic herbs" on the pillow, reciting another strange spell as she did so."Matthias, let me give you some good advice. I am muchIt was tike trying to catch smoke with their claws. Basil ran rings round them, keeping up a steady stream of insults and adding to the rats' bad temper. They shouted angrily:"Thank you, Sparra mother," he said. "Mouse not make jbrouble for you. Nuts make King happy, you see.""Come on, you lot! On your feet! Stand up straight, you mice! Step aside there! Make way for Cluny the Scourge!"

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130Matthias's brow creased in a worried frown. "I wish I hadn't sneaked off from the Abbey this morning. I do hope Constance has all the defenders on the alert."deep dimples. He shook Alf by the paw and clapped Matthias heartily on the back as he called out between chuckles, "Bring the white gooseberry wine! Fetch me some rosemary, thyme, beechnuts and honey, quickly. And now, friends, now," he squeaked, waving the dandelion wildly with his tail, "I, Hugo, wiU create a Grayling a la Redwall such as will melt in the mouth of mice. Fresh cream! I need lots of fresh cream! Bring some mint leaves too."

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Jess placed her paws on the fat mouse's shoulders. The squirrel's face was a mixture of sadness and concern."What news of Poisonteetb?"

There was a general murmur of agreement. Most of the rats had been pressed into volunteering as ram carriers by the ambitious Cheesethief.

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The cat's voice, though cultured, was a high reedy tenor. It would have sounded comical under different circumstances. Matthias lay as still as possible."Asmodeussssssssssssssss!''Poison probably meant it was an adder. He had never seen an adder, nor any other type of snake. At Redwall he had learned of snakes from the talk of others. They spoke of the adder as if it were a reptile that was half legend, half nightmare. It was said that even the Father Abbot himself would flatly refuse to treat a snake, no matter how bad its condition might be. Luckily there had never been cause to. There had never been reports of an adder in the area of Mossflower, that was why most creatures tended to treat it as a mythical reptile; but wise ones like Constance, the Abbot and old Methuselah assured everyone that the adder was cold deadly fact. They said that in all the world there was nothing more feared: the strong coils, hypnotic eyes and poison fangs.Cluny spoke aloud to the picture of Martin, bound to his standard: "Ha, that fox should easily give those idiots of mine the slip. Then she can deliver my false plans to your Abbot. It's all going along quite smoothly. Bit of a blow for your side, eh, mouse?""Where mouseworm get belt?"

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A rat held it!

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"Not at all, not at all, dear fellow," said Basil regally, asConstance interrupted, "What type of shield?"The footsteps receded down the passage. Matthias crept from the room, and stole off in the opposite direction.

Matthias stood a safe distance away from the tree. Captain Snow shifted from one foot to the other, muttering huffily, *'Me, in the wrong? Never. I won't apologize to that cat! I refuse to!"

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