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"There, that should do it. Now hurry along, my son. Don't stop for anything on the way. Isn't that right. Captain?"Matthias continued, "Yes, if you look at these florin spikes, you'll find that they are in rows of seven, the same as the number of letters in Redwall. There are seven rows of spikes going from side to side and seven rows from top to bottom, forty-nine spikes in all. Therefore, the twenty-fifth spike up, down, or across is the exact middle spike. The rhyme says, 'look to the center.' That's this one here."letter is one step's width? Hmmm. Seven letters for seven steps. Surely that must be some kind of a hint?"performed what looked like an intricate acrobatic dance, followed by several cartwheels at lightning speed.The reply sounded like a whisper of wet silk across a smooth slate. "Cluny, I am here. Why do you want Shadow?"The Abbot put his paw around the young mouse's shoulder, sensing his secret yearnings, for he had ruled Red-wall wisely over a great number of years and gained much experience of mouselife. He smiled down at his young charge and spoke kindly to him. "Come with me, Matthias. It is time we talked together."Cluny heard. He came to the edge of the pulpit. Grasping the sides of the lectern he surveyed his small congregation like some satanic minister.

"Listen to me," she roared. "I know that Log-a-Log is a wise elder, but I am president of our union, conirades. The mouse hasn't told us where he is going.""You, sir, are not fit to command any creature! You are a coward and an evil maniac. Even if my paws were not tied I would think twice before soiling them upon the likes of you. Tcha! You are beneath contempt, you . . . you ... . Rat!"Methuselah grinned and wrinkled his nose. "But still, it goes well.""The old fraud," Cluny thought. "All that mumbo-jumbo and magic nonsense. Why does she need it when she knows that she's a perfectly good doctor?"

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The old mouse awoke with a start. "Eh, what's that! Oh, Matthias, there you are. Dear me, I must have dropped off for a moment. Sorry, it won't happen again."Cluny scratched his head with a sharp, dirty claw. "Asmodeus? What's that supposed to mean?"He was surprised at the ease with which he left the Abbey, slipping off into Mossflower through the side door in the wall, where unknown to him Methuselah's murderer had also passed on the previous day.

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Feeling slightly reassured, but still very uneasy, Matthias circled the pool, trying hard to ignore the loathsome hissing sound.

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The battle had started again in earnest.The champion squirrel climbed gamely onwards. Normally she would not have attempted the climb under such blowy conditions. She concentrated hard on the ascent. Matthias's voice had not reached her across the vagrant wind, but someone had heard the young mouse's shouts: King Bull Sparra!119

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Bull Sparra raised a kick at Matthias, who dodged nimbly and started to dance and sing with a silly expression on his face.

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Ambrose Spike positively bristled at the nonchalant hare. "Well, I must say that is a comforting thing to know! Any more Bttle gems of information to cheer us up, eh?""My friends, Redwall mice and honored guests, we are gathered here tonight, not only to pay tribute, but to add our heartfelt good wishes to Matthias and Brother Methuselah. May they have success and fortune in their venture this night, and may our Abbey soon be enhanced by the restoration of the sword that belonged to Martin the Warrior."

There was no doubt in Matthias's mind. It was a rat, entirely black from tip to tail, barely distinguishable from the night itself.

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