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Both mice could feel the hairs standing on their backs as the door opened with agonizing slowness.18445

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Methuselah adjusted his glasses and peered closely. "Yes. You may have something there. It could be the key to the whole thing ... '/ - am that is.' Let's say that the dash separates the line, so that we will look at the last three words, *am that 15.' Suppose we took that part out, then it would read, '7, two mice within Redwall.'"225

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Mangefur pointed an accusing claw at his companion. "Please, Chief, it was Ragear's fault. If we'd gone across the fields instead of up the road?Straining his neck downwards at an uncomfortable angle, Ragear was able to get his teeth into the tough climbing rope. If he could manage to free himself he might be able to sneak ; back and join the horde. He could mingle with them and deny that he had ever been missing. Cluny might also take a lenient view of his desertion if he could distinguish himself during the battle.Cluny sat and watched them from the distance as he talked aloud to himself. "Good work, mice, strengthen my gates. 1 wouldn't want to rule a fortress with broken doors."

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was taking him was of little concern to Cluny. Straight on the panicked horse galloped, past the milestone lodged in the earth at the roadside, heedless of the letters graven in the stone: "Redwall Abbey, fifteen miles."

"Excuse my mentioning it, sir," Matthias shouted over the hubbub. "But what about your promise regarding our friend the Squire?"

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