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Constance's gruff voice growled into her ear, "Be still, fox, or I'll snap your neck like a dead twig!"IIWhat a daring climb! What a courageous creature! Jess Squirrel would surely take her place in the annals of Redwall Abbey.Chickenhound regained his senses. He lay quite still with Sela's body draped across him. When he was satisfied that the coast was clear he struggled painfully clear of the grisly carcass that had once been his mother.Mow from the improvised staff sent him crashing to die ground.As the party walked towards Cavern Hole, Cluny could sense hostility emanating from the young mouse who flip-flopped behind him in overlarge sandals. Strange for one so young to be counted as a captain, he thought. Moreover, the little fellow didn't seem to fear him. Ah, but enough of that. Cluny would deal with him when the time came. Meanwhile, the big rat gazed about his surroundings in secret admiration. What an astounding place!"Why, of course you will, Mr. Hare. What a bore you

? "That's exactly what I had planned myself," the shrew replied. "If we spread out along the bank and remain hidden, men we'll stand a good chance of spotting Poisonteeth. It's a good idea, but I can see a drawback. Supposing the adder catches the scent of shrews? There's so many of us that it's a distinct danger."34Chickenhound heaved the scroll with all his strength. He was gratified to see Constance lean out and catch it. Hopefully he called, "I'll wait right here for an answer."Matthias spun on his heel and marched off, the enemy sparrow's chirps still ringing in his ears: "No wanta food, no needa 'tenshun. Warbeak Sparra, all brave, killeet."

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Methuselah embraced the young mouse as if he were his own son, and as Matthias ascended the ladder, the old mouse called out final instructions to him."Our grandmum, she'm foind lots o' them."contingent had stolen a march upon him, and the battering ram had failed miserably. Once again the thinking was left to him. The horde were more concerned with licking wounds and feeding their stomachs. Strategy was not their responsibility. However, on reflection the balance was beginning to swing in his favor again. He now had three possible keys to the Abbey. One was the tunnel; the rats in Mossflower Wood were attending to his second scheme; and the third - Cluny glanced over to the ditch. The capture of the dormice would prove an even more devious avenue to the conquest of Red-wall, provided he played his cards right.

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"Seize him!" Cluny screamed.

"Murderer! Oh, you barbarous creature! You have killed Brother Methuselah!"

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"Yes, we must be nearly underneath the Abbey foundations," Matthias this had made Cheesethief redouble his efforts. He worked the rat crews like a slave driver. No rodent dared complain about one whom the Chief held in such high regard.Matthias had to concede. He looked sheepishly about. The stones where they stood were no different from any other part of the wall. The trail seemed to have gone cold again. Dejectedly Matthias sat down on a heap of rock and rubble that had been there since the invasion.

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completely over.


The bizarre effect was created by sunlight shining through the stained-glass. As they ate, Warbeak would dodge her head from side to side, changing color as she did so. "Lookeet! Now me green, blue again, now red like a Matthias mouse."

Methuselah touched a paw to his nose knowingly. "For instance, did you notice that there is a southerly breeze tonight? No, I don't suppose you did. Then look at the top of that old elm tree sticking up above the wall. Yes, that one over by the small door. Tell me what you see."

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