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"Giant Poisonteeth, the snake, Asmodeus, he was here! I didn't spot him until it was too late. He's taken Mingo. Gave him the magic eyes, then bit him and dragged him off! Poor Mingo. Ugh! It was horrible, horrible, I tell you, the rotten filthy reptile!" Guosim flung herself down sobbing into the grass.Suddenly, and without warning, they were roused by the thunder of hooves.She laughed at him. "Get along, and eat your lunch, warrior mouse, or I'll show you my deadly aim with a piece of this cheese."sentence of death. Disobey and you'll die. I'm Redtooth, Cluny's number-one rat. You will obey the word of your captains. They take orders from me. I take orders from Cluny, remember that. Now, if any one, two, or a group, or even all of you together want to try and beat Cluny and lead the horde, this is your chance."Once more he was falling from the plank on the Abbey wall, falling, falling. Below him waited spectral figures: Rag-ear, with a blue face bloated to many rimes its normal size, a rat-skeleton dressed in Cluny's own battle armor, a huge hare with enormous feet, and a thick-bodied, venomous-looking banded snake. He.tried to twist away from them as he fell, but, however much he swerved and tried to change direction, Cluny had only to look down and see the fierce-eyed warrior mouse ?waiting, always waiting, the sword held point upwards for him to be impaled upon. Cluny tried to cry out, but not a sound came; it was as though his throat were being squeezed tightly.Matthias was puzzled. "Spreading lies; what good will that do?"The climb of the sloping roof was extremely treacherous. Slightly unhinged by the perilous events, Matthias giggled to his friend, "It's all in the average day's work of a warrior. No use of a warrior worrying, ha ha ha."

"Come in this instant, or I'll tell Cluny!""But what about the other creatures in the area?" cried Matthias."Good evening. Brother Methuselah."Paws went up: Log-a-Log counted them. Exactly half of those present. He called for those against, and took another count.Matthias held his lantern high. "Look, there's some writing on die lintel over the door."

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"Listen carefully. You are going to open the Abbey door for me, my friend. If you fail, your precious little family will pay the penalty! Now, here is what you must do.""Asmodeus, Asmodeussssssss," it hissed. "So kind of you to untie yourself, rat! Come with me, I will show you eternity! Asmodeus, Asmodeussssssss."Across the top of the parapet a ramshackle wooden platform had appeared as if from nowhere. Perched on top of it, ready to spring, was a villainous-looking rat with a cutlass clenched between his teeth.

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Cluny gave the point a light jab. Hugo gurgled unhappily. "You see? All it takes is a little harder push and he's dead. Now throw down your sword and get down here yourself, quick."The vixen watched Cluny's eyes closing under the influence of her medicine. These warlords were all the same - they never gave credit for brains to anyone except themselves. There the big oaf was, snoring like a fox cub in his earth on a winter's night.

Without warning, Matthias shoved Warbeak roughly off die ledge.

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Matthias proffered the blade for inspection. "It is indeed. Asmodeus the snake lies dead. I slew him with this very weapon. It is the great sword of Martin the Warrior!"The dormice were huddled miserably together, their necks looped cruelly together on a rope. They whimpered fearfully at the sinister sight of Cluny the Scourge.Guosim spoke through a mouthful of bread. "Log-a-Log. How else? That's how he got his name, you know. His father and his father's father before him were all called Log-a-Log. The whole family were all ferryshrews on this river. If you needed to cross the water you stood on the bank and shouted 'Log-a-Log*. Here, let's see if it still works.""Agreed," chortled the owl. "In fact I'll go even further. I promise you that if you defeat the snake, I'll admit I was wrong to that stuffy old cat. I'll even apologize to him on bended knees, so there!"

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"Asmodeus must know we're here by now. Come on, Log-a-Log! Let's get out of this place, quick!"

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The plans of the two comrades were well laid. Basil decided that now was as good a time as any to put them into operation. He turned to Jess.There was a strong murmur of agreement from around the table.Basil chuckled, "What's the matter? Isn't your own head good enough? No, I don't suppose it is. Ugly-looking brute, aren't you?"

Redtooth marched in and saluted Cluny.

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