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Harry couldn't feel too excited about this. He didn't think the Dursleys would like him any betterThe Abbot put his paw around the young mouse's shoulder, sensing his secret yearnings, for he had ruled Red-wall wisely over a great number of years and gained much experience of mouselife. He smiled down at his young charge and spoke kindly to him. "Come with me, Matthias. It is time we talked together."As the rat reeled away clutching at his throat, Matthias freed the sword from the door. Ignoring their wounds, they immediately clashed again, going at it hammer and tongs. Cluny lashed out with his bleeding tail and tripped Matthias. As the warrior mouse lay upon the ground, the rat roared and stabbed downwards with the spiked railing. Matthias rolled to one side; the point sank deep into the earth. He straggled to his feet, striking out and scoring Cluny heavily down the side. But the long tail whipped out, lashing the Warrior Mouse several times across the face."Hadn't we better pack up and move?""Certainly," replied Julian. "Snow lives in a hollow tree"Don't think about it," Matthias told himself aloud. "Just do it!" Clinging for dear life to the rope, he launched himself over the edge of the eaves."State your name and rank. Who gave you my medal?" snapped the owl in a flat hard voice.

Feeling no panic, Matthias turned to look. On the back of the door hung a shield and a sword belt.Cluny dodged about as a shower of spiky chestnuts hurtled down.Cluny had climbed down from his perch on the tombstone. He stood by the churchyard fence, intent on trying out the whipping powers of his fearsome tail upon a few rats that he had dubbed "the awkward squad." Flexing his long scourge-like tail, he gave a few experimental swishes and cracks as he shouted commands.Matthias stroked the sulky cat's forepaw, "Come on, Julian. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.""Father Abbot, you must live," said Constance in a gruff choking voice.

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Well, what a stroke of luck. Fancy Cornflower's family living so close to the Churchmouse brood! Matthias was only too glad to offer them a lift home.The badger thanked them and shook her striped head knowingly. She had not been caught off guard, thanks to Foremole. Now she would need the aid and specialized knowhow of the mole leader to stave off this latest threat to die Abbey.Having delivered food to Matthias and Methuselah, she went out on the ramparts accompanied by her helpers. They fed the sentries and took back all die dishes. Next she found herself making an extra two trays of food up for Silent Sam's parents. The two squirrels thanked her politely and set to with an appetite. Little Sam stood watching them, sucking his paw. Cornflower had a special soft spot for the baby squirrel; she made up a tray for him too. She had no sooner finished than Constance called to ask a favor of her. Would she mind making up another four trays? Three for the Vole family who had just returned, and an extra-large one for Basil Stag Hare. Cornflower cheerfully obliged.

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both feet, gazing straight ahead at the north point of the weather vane.186

1 My parents njmed me Basil, though the old mater wanted

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"Give me my sword, mouse, and I will make your dyingBut the good Father Abbot would not hear of it. Like a true gentlemouse he believed in tempering triumph with mercy. Thejubilatory sounds died away to an eerie silence as die rats toiled raggedly off down the road, raising a column of dust in the early dawn. Dispirited and battleworn, carrying their fallen leader, the maimed and wounded hobbled painfully along at the rear, the bitter ashes of vanquishment and defeat mingling with the dust from their stumbling vanguard."If we search around the top lip this afternoon, that only leaves us the heeeeeeeee . . . !"Basil Stag Hare nodded in agreement. "I know, old scout. But the Abbot's such a decent old buffer that he believes there's good in everyone, even Cluny. What?"

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A strange voice answered him. "Problem, a little problem? Well at least it's not a fully-grown adult problem."

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The old mouse awoke with a start. "Eh, what's that! Oh, Matthias, there you are. Dear me, I must have dropped off for a moment. Sorry, it won't happen again."There was an embarrassed shuffling in the ranks of the listeners. Many turned their eyes to the ground, particularly Guosim and Log-a-Log."Right or left?"

Cluny was almost jovial as he turned to the horde. "Well, my good warriors. Has anything else happened while I was away?"

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