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"Matthias, I've found out where the threshold is!"205"And nuts? We must not run short of nuts."The members of the horde watched the way he strode purposefully about. The old glint was back in his single eye. His orders were crisp and concise. Even the long tail had a fresh crack about it. The Chief seemed sharper than he had been before.178"Gosh!" said Matthias in an awed voice. "I thought I'd had it then. I was certain I'd fall. Thanks for saving me, Warbeak."More baby moles. Ambrose pawed the bandage on his wound. A hedgehog's work was never done.

It nodded.Together they hurried through the deserted Sparra court. Dunwing knew there were mothers in every nest with small chicks. These birds remained quietly out of sight when there were no warriors about to defend them. Matthias and Dun-wing pushed hastily past the scrap of sacking that served as a door to the King's chamber and began their search.The owl held out a wing and a leg as he recited: "I swear by my captaincy and by my illustrious ancestors Nyctea and Glacier, that I, Captain Snow, will return the medal and cleave to my oath if you should win against Asmodeus." The owl broke into laughter again: "Oh, hahahaheeheeheeho-hoho! This is the easiest bet I ever made! It'll be like taking the wings off a dead butterfly."In spite of his dangerous predicament Matthias was inwardly amused at the King's use of his name. Slumping to the floor, he sat with his head between his paws, the picture of dejected innocence.Matthias. "Ah well, Hare's the family name, don't y'know.

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The Abbot indicated chairs. They all sat except Cluny, who lounged against the table using the chair as a footstool. He glared at Redtooth until he stood and waited alongside his Chief. Idly Cluny picked up a bowl of honeyed milk and sampled it.As Redtooth marched away, a voice hailed him from the wall. He turned and looked upwards. The torn articles - the parchment wrapped around a fistful of rotting vegetables -splattered in his face. Livid with rage he clawed the foul mess from his eyes and saw Constance leaning over the parapet with a wicked grin of delight on her striped muzzle.Brother Rufus was no fool. "How many rats were traveling in the cart altogether?" he asked.

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Cornflower looked at Matthias solicitously. "He's doing fine, thank you, Matthias. I'm just going to get some herbs for the Abbot. Shouldn't you be lying down? Your face looks terribly puffy."Log-a-Log came out of his trance. Leaping quickly into the hole, he scratched the damp sandy grit left and right. Ducking beneath the tree root, he scrabbled awkwardly through into a tiny cell-like space on the other side.


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Shadow bared his yellowed fangs and started climbing. Slowly he made his way upwards, like a long black reptile, his claws seeking hidden niches and crevices in the sandstone. Ever upwards, sometimes stopping spreadeagled against the surface as he figured out his next movement, taking full advantage of every crack and joint in the wall. No other animal in Cluny's army could have attempted such an ascent, but Shadow was a climbing expert. He concentrated his whole being on the job in hand, sometimes clinging to the stones by no more than a single claw. Below on the ground Cluny and Ragear strained their eyes upwards. They could hardly make out his shape. He was not far from the top of the wall.Twixt Hall and Cavern Hole.The Abbot nodded slowly. "So have I, my son, so have I."Now that they were on the run, this was the proper time to consolidate a resounding Redwall victory!

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66Only yesterday the young one known as Silent Sam was heard to speak. He was heard conversing with the son of Matthias and Cornflower. The young squirrel suddenly began to relate the saga of the Late Rose Summer Wars to the baby mouse. I fear that we will not be able to stop him from talking, or his parents from laughing with delight. The son of our warrior is a strong chubby little fellow. Everyone calls him Matttmeo because 'Matthias Methuselah Mortimer' is too big a mouthful, but that was what his parents wished his name to be. Even now he tries long and often to lift the great sword Ratdeath. I think one day he is sure to succeed his father as Abbey Champion. Our Abbot, Mordalfus (no wonder he always preferred the name Alf, I mean, Mordalfus?), has declared that his first anniversary shall be marked by a huge feast. We are all invited. Constance has been pulling her cart around the woodland and meadows far and wide, bringing in guests.

Skullface performed a frantic leap. He landed on the horse's back. The terrified animal did not wait for the rat to bite. As soon as it felt the loathsome scratching weight descend on its exposed haunches, it gave a loud panicked whinny and bucked. Spurred on by the energy of fright it careered off like a runaway juggernaut.

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