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"Oh, shut your beak, you little monster!" he muttered. "You're in no position to kill anyone.""Huh, I certainly wouldn't waste good time and medicine on this one," said Jess coldly.Cluny took stock of the situation. This was really as far as he could go while still retaining some kind of safety factor on their hazardous assignment. He decided to call a halt.Methuselah was in a ferment of eagerness as he led his young friend over to the gatehouse."I can see it," said Matthias, "there, along to your left. You'll have to lead, Warbeak."The sandstone ranged through a spectrum of pale sunlight gold, banded through every shade of yellow, fawn, umber, brown, down to the dusty red sandstone that must have been hewn out in distant ages to provide the masons with material to build Redwall Abbey."You listen to what your mother tells you, young feller. Get back here with the stuff on that list as soon as possible. Be off with you now."

Foremole chuckled deeply. "Nay, nay, bless your li'l 'eart,The climb of the sloping roof was extremely treacherous. Slightly unhinged by the perilous events, Matthias giggled to his friend, "It's all in the average day's work of a warrior. No use of a warrior worrying, ha ha ha.""Will you shut up?" Redtooth yelled. "It's no use us standing here arguing. We'd better get searching for the fox. I'll go this way and you go that way. The first one to find her keeps shouting until the other arrives. Have you got that? Now get moving.""And why not?" challenged the ferret. "I'll wager the Chief would promote any creature that showed good sense and a fightin' spirit. Will you look at me now? I'm a fine figure of a ferret. Why, if I was the Chief I'd make me a Captain just like that!" The ferret snapped his claws.Redtooth prodded her with a spear. "Cluny gave strict orders that you must stay here until he's better."

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"Is that all!" said Log-a-Log heatedly. "Then why don't you show him the snake tracks in the mud there? Or didn't you notice them? Asmodeus passed through here not four hours ago. He's probably gone hunting in Mossflower Wood. It's a mercy we didn't bump into him. He might come back this way before the day is through."their mission of discovery, Ambrose, perhaps they ought to drink some more, eh?""Come on down, mouse, Cluny the Scourge is waiting for you," he cried.

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Matthias sprang up, grabbing his sword. "Come on, Log-a-Log. I speak the Sparra language. We'd best get over there and find out what's upsetting her."Thump!

The sword belt was in pristine condition, soft and as supple as if it had newly come from the tanner's bench: shiny black leather with a hanging tab to carry sword and scabbard. Its broad silver buckle gleamed in the lantern light.

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Dawn revealed a sadly-disorganized horde. Cluny wisely held back his temper. Many of his soldiers looked so demoralized that they were liable to make a run for it and desert. He reasoned that there was little to be gained by adding insult to injury. Seven rats, two ferrets and a stoat lay dead in the ditch. Unable to escape the main body of hornets, they had been stung so many times it had proved fatal.Matthias opened his mouth to protest. The sparrow silenced him with an upraised wing. "All birds know that King Bull mighty fighter. Him save Sparra tribe many time from enemy. He sometime lazy, sometime bad temper, but not stupid. Bull Sparra sly like fox, only pretend to be stupid, just like Matthias."It was a circle cut into the stone.Two Redwall mice dead upon the same day.Summoning up his courage, he stole silently into the nearest cave. In the glow that reflected from the pool, Matthias saw a sight that gladdened his heart.

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Chickenhound was lugged inside as rapidly as possible. Unable to contain their curiosity, the defenders questioned the limp, half-awake fox as they carried him across the Abbey grounds.

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The bodies of Sela and Chickenhound, the two traitor foxes, lay limp in the ditch that ran alongside the road. The rats of Cluny's horde had executed them with spears and tossed them there. Sela lay still, her once bright cunning eyes glazed over in death.Cluny was alive!"There's no place like home," he said thankfully. "What a splendid pathfinder you are, my friend."

"He kept me on that ram for two hours."

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