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Killconey pointed a shaky claw. "Over that way, yer honor, and didn't we find a great strappin' oak?""Darkclaw's right," agreed Fangburn. "The three of us will take charge of the whole business."Tense moments ticked by. A crowd of creatures lined theThen suddenly the little fellow pointed to the east with his paw. In the distance Matthias could make out the shape of the Abbey.

Matthias's chair clattered on its side as he sprang forward, breaking free from the restraining paws of the Abbot.

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Matthias was glad of the brief respite after all the excitement. But he told himself that he could not afford to stay long. He must press on to Redwall. He heaved a great sigh. The life of a warrior was very tiring.Matthias seated himself to an early breakfast in Cavern Hole: nutbread, apples and a bowl of fresh goatsmilk. Cornflower, along with other woodland creatures granted sanctuary, was sleeping in makeshift quarters provided by the good mice of Redwall. Matthias felt that he had grown up overnight. Duty was a mantle that he had taken willingly upon his shoulders. If there were a threat to Redwall from outside it must be dealt with. The mice of Redwall were peaceful creatures, but that must not be taken as a sign of weakness. Stolidly he munched away as he confronted the problem.

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Methuselah halted and blinked over his spectacles. "And you dare doubt the word of our Abbot that Cluny the Scourge exists? What idiotic mice you are, to be sure."Abbot Mortimer entered. Seeing the look on Matthias's face, he leaned across and murmured in his ear, "All work and no play makes Matthias a dull mouse. Cheer up, my son."

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Not normally given to anger, the Abbot stared Cluny in the eye, his face a mask of cold fury.

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As he crouched in the darkness the young fox decided that the coast was now clear. He could venture out again. Reaching behind, he felt for the sack that contained his first solo haul. Before he left he wanted to fondle his treasures once more,

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My sword will wield for me.'"

Apprehensively the little group shuffled forwards. Cluny raised himself slightly on one elbow.

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