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"Aye, so I see," grunted the hedgehog. "Here, you don't suppose they'd mind, do you?"Log-a-Log pulled her roughly to her feet. "Come on, don't lie there crying, shrew! The adder probably left a good wet trail for us to follow. Where did it happen?"

"Matthias, forget it. Abandon any hopes you have of snatching the Vole family from under Cluny's nose. Imagine it, a few of us going up against several hundred armed rats in their own camp. Ridiculous. A fat lot of good we'd be as defenders of Redwall with our heads fixed to Cluny's standard. Matthias, you're a very brave young mouse, so please try to set an example to the rest by not becoming a foolish or dead one."There was a moment's silence. The Abbot turned to Brother Alf and Cornflower. "Please, would you leave us alone for now? I have something to tell Matthias. You may visit him tomorrow. He still needs a lot of rest." The two mice nodded understandingly and left.

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"Listen, we're all right for the moment, but sooner or later something will have to be done about the battering ram. Has anyone got a good idea? I'm open to sensible suggestions.*'

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Fangburn met him halfway. Cluny held up a claw, silencing him. He would get to the bottom of things without stuttering

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Matthias stood his ground bravely, not knowing what to expect. Bull Sparra stood up. He strutted about in front of Matthias, then around behind him. Matthias felt his belt gripped from behind by strong claws. The crazed King whispered close in his ear."Just you try and stop me," she chattered fiercely.Warbeak pointed to the King's chamber. "Dunwing get Bull Sparra wormfood ready. King have no wife to makeFriar Hugo's cry galvanized the fox into action. He grabbed the sack and fled from the Abbey.

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There was a second's pause, then they scattered. One or two of the rats were a bit slow off the mark, but not as slow as Colin Vole and his mother, who were roughly grabbed by the faster sentries.

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Matthias snapped out of his reverie. Silent Sam was admiring his sword belt. He laughed. "Do you like that, Sam? It's the sword belt of a famous warrior."At a signal from the Warlord, a gang of rats leaped upon Constance and beat her back into unconsciousness with their weapons. They drove the securing stakes deeper around the net.


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