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Chickenhound was hauled into the Abbey building and laid out on a bench. Abbot Mortimer shuffled up in his nightshirt, rubbing sleep from his eyes. He inspected the fox's wounds with a critical, practiced look and spoke dispassionately, "Well, fox, what do you want from us? No doubt Cluny your master has sent you here to spy.""Now listen carefully, my son. We have a very sick rat inside that church. He is in urgent need of my special remedies. I want you to run as quickly as you can back to our den. Bring me back some snakewort, cuckoo spit, a medium eelskin, three fine strips of willow bark ... oh, there's so much to remember, I'd better write it all down for you."Constance arrived just as the victim fell wounded. Shadow turned on her with the dagger upraised. Constance swung her paw round in a mighty arc, and it caught Shadow square on the chin. The force of the blow lifted the thief clean off his feet, and, before Constance could grab hold of him, he overbalanced and hurtled over the edge of the parapet with a horrible scream. Downwards he plunged, his body thudding oflfthe unyielding masonry. He landed in the wet roadway with a sickening crunch."Phew!" she gasped. "What a wild bunch of savages those sparrows are! I thought they had me once or twice back there."The chamber was so sparsely furnished that it required veryCluny released the ferret and lay back with an agonized sigh. Now was the time to think and plan ahead. Next time would be different.Outside in the churchyard the leaderless horde did absolutely nothing to reorganize. Sitting about licking their

The badger's statement caused uproar and shouts of "Nonsense. Pure speculation" and "That's right! Give a rat a bad name!""I certainly can," Matthias squeaked. "It must have been the longest tail of any rat alive. He held it in his claw as if it were a whip."There followed an embarrassed silence. Matthias spoke half aloud. "So, it seems my quest has been in vain. But what of the scabbard?""This is more like it, ferret. Right, get the tunnel gangs! Gather your weasels, stoats and ferrets. Take them back along the ditch to the south-east corner of the Abbey wall. When it is dark I'll send you a signal, then you can start tunneling through the ditch wall, across the road and under the Abbey wall. Is that clear?""There you are, dear Cornflower," the Abbot smiled. "A warrior needs a good wife. You are the beauty that will grace Redwall and rule the heart of our Matthias. The old gatehouse will be extended into a proper home. It belongs to you both. Guard our threshold wisely and well."

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But gradually Chickenhound began to twitch and groan."Wait here, my friend. There's someone 1 have to see."Cheesethief spat upon the ground in contempt of Killconey, knowing there was not much chance of promotion for himself. He was only rated as a minor sort of officer. If it came to a decision, Darkclaw was the natural choice. Fangburn had fallen from favor since the incident with Sela and Redtooth. Nevertheless, the weasels, and their brethren the stoats and ferrets, argued their case hotly. Why shouldn't others be promoted? What was so superior about rats? Mangefur, Scumnose and Frogblood considered rats to be the elite of Cluny's horde. Darkclaw sided with them while trying to placate the others, attempting to keep a foot in either camp, should it come to a vote. One never knew!

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The thick tail of the Warlord flicked out venomously at Matthias's face. He covered swiftly with his shield as the poisoned metal barb clanged harmlessly off it. Cluny tried again, this time whipping the tail speedily at the young mouse's unprotected legs. Matthias leaped nimbly to one side and swung the sword in a flashing arc. Cluny roared with pain as it severed the tip of his tail. The bloodied stub lay on the grass with the barb still attached. Hurling the Abbot's chair at his adversary, the rat seized an iron spike. Metal clashed on metal as the Warrior Mouse parried Cluny's thrusts.Look for the sword

Matthias, realizing that this was no time for idle chit-chat, promptly shouted out in a loud, courtly manner, "O King, I come to return one of your brave young warriors!"

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Matthias waved a paw. His mouth filled with salad, he mumbled, "But we know that Martin is dead.""Well at least," Matthias thought aloud, "if 1 lose sight of this fellow I'll be able to hear him."Matthias threw down his staff. He took a dipper of water from an oaken pail, drinking deeply, then splashing the remains over his aching head.Warbeak cocked her head quizzically to one side. "What Matthias think about?"Sela's head bobbed vigorously. "Of course, sir. What reason would I have to play you false? I'm looking forward to a good share of plunder, once I've healed you and Redwall is conquered."

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Constance began a steady chant: "Jump-two-three! Jumjv-two-three! Jump-two-three!"

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ced owlishly at them and yawned in their faces. .^ "Better be 'portant, Majesty no like to be woked," he grumbled.The cat yawned regally. "You may call me Julian. The title is hereditary. I never wanted it. Squire of what? A broken-down ramshackle farm building and a stretch of river over yonder! One has no real friends, no trusty servants, not even a mate for that matter. Hmmm, I suppose the Gingivere line will become extinct when I die."With a cry of dismay the fleeing pair saw the blank wall ahead. They had run into a cul-de-sac!

"Yes, Chief?"

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