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Methuselah's words caused widespread consternation. There was much agitated nibbling of paws. Nobody could doubt he spoke the truth; he was already old and wise when theIn his fevered dreams the young mouse wandered through dark caverns. Somewhere a voice was calling out to him,The scabbard of Martin's sword! Surely the sword must be somewhere close by? Matthias wished that he could see around the back of the chair to confirm his discovery, but he had to bring himself back to the issue at hand.Cluny laughed cruelly. His eye was devoid of pity. He leaned close to Plumpen and whispered harshly, "What would you do to save them?"Matthias stumbled from the gruesome death-larder of the adder, out into the main cavern. He sat for a while shuddering with horror at what he had seen, hardly believing that the still body had been a warm, living, breathing creature not long ago. Forcing himself to rise and carry on, Matthias continued his explorations.125"Half one way, half the other. The casting vote is mine. Now let me tell you, I know we take care of our own, but the Redwall mice are a legend in Mossflower. They do no harm to any creature. In fact they do a lot of good." Log-a-Log raised his paw. "Therefore, conirades, I vote that the mouse goes free!"

"Good day to you, Mr. Basil Stag Hare. My name is Matthias. I am a novice in the Order of Redwall mice. My immediate problem is to cross this land to the church over yonder without being discovered by the rats who are guarding it."127When the rest of the party arrived back, Cluny had them form up in single file. They marched eastwards at a smart pace."Here, what's happened? Where's Redtooth?" he asked anxiously."Is good. Give Sparra word. Promise no 'scape."

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"Do you see that? Well, let it be a warning to you all. Ha, I knew what was going on with Cheesethief. Didn't anyone see him at the battering ram last night acting all high and mighty?"Knowing the supply of arrows was not endless, the badger looked to the heaps of rubble and stone along the parapet edges. "Brother Rufus! Foremole! Be ready to shift that lot overboard at a moment's notice."102

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Latching her tail around a projecting gargoyle, Jess shouted back, "Well, I'm making headway, m'dear. This stone though - it's a bit rough on the old paws and claws. Not like good old wood or tree bark."221

"If you don't sit still you'll be white with fright, because you'll fall," Matthias warned.

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The old mouse stood up. He stared hard at Matthias for a moment, then, turning, he shuffled slowly off. As he went, he called back over his shoulder, "Because, Matthias . . . because he was very like you!""I agree," replied Methuselah, "but the next line is of vital importance. It tells exactly when to look - 'at night, when day's first hour.1""Listen, we're all right for the moment, but sooner or later something will have to be done about the battering ram. Has anyone got a good idea? I'm open to sensible suggestions.*'Matthias, with his eyes dry and his head held high, stood up; he felt himself stand taller than he ever had. He helped Cornflower to her feet and bowed to her.Warbeak cocked her head quizzically to one side. "What Matthias think about?"

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The surveillance continued. Apart from retrieving his dagger, Matthias sat very still, peering northwards. Eventually he had to give up, as his eyes were beginning to water and he was getting a crick in his neck. Methuselah had fallen asleep in the afternoon sun.

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Springing down among his army, the Warlord waved the banner high overhead. With a mighty shout the horde of Cluny the Scourge marcHed out upon the road to Redwall Abbey."You cowardly, ungrateful little fool!" cried Log-a-Log. "How can you say such a thing after all this warrior is trying to do for us?"Matthias didn't reply. He sat exhausted up in the dark belfry with his legs dangling over the stout timber bell axle. Down below, Cluny squatted against the wall, glad of the chance to take a breather. Beneath the dusty stairs, Friar Hugo sneezed.

"They are, Father," Matthias answered.

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