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At a given signal, John Churchmouse began tolling the attack warning upon the Joseph Bell. All through the Abbey and its grounds creatures stopped what they were more nut."In the silence that followed, the Abbot rose and confronted Matthias. Stooping slightly, he stared into the young mouse's bright eyes. "Think carefully, my son. Was there anything special you noticed about this rat?""Get down, you nincompoops," Cluny hissed. "Don't try to outclimb a squirrel. See if you can keep her near the ground while I think what to do."Basil Stag Hare snorted. "Rubbish. My fight indeed! D'you fondly imagine that I'd sit there munching at the old nosebagA black moth on a moonless night would not have escaped Shadow's notice. He needed no lamp to scrutinize the thing before him. So this was the picture of the warrior mouse that Cluny lusted after. Using his razor-sharp fangs he began gnawing into the ancient tapestry, working from the tasseled hem upwards.After Cheesethiefs carcass had been disposed of, Cluny sat beneath an awning that had been improvised from the damaged tent. He watched the armorer diligently repairing his prized war gear and fumed inwardly. His equipment had been battered - and he had lost a valuable Captain. The Redwall

"Ha, what a blow it would be to that feller Cluny and his filthy band of robbers."John Churchmouse (Recorder, formerly of St. Ninian's) Here ends the story.Fangbum was completely baffled, but he knew better than to disagree."Why, of course!" cried Matthias. "What a splendid idea! I wouldn't be a bit afraid with Jess there to help me down. But what about the King and his warriors? If they see me, I won't stand a chance."With a triumphant shout the young mouse disappeared completely into the hole. He fell on top of Log-a-Log at the other side. Forcefully the snake launched his great body at the opening, crumbling earth and rock as he pushed his coils through the aperture.

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Every creature standing on the ramparts twitched with fright as the loud voice of the Joseph Bell rang out, and John Churchmouse shouted from his position high in the belfry, "They're coming, down the road! I can see them. I can see them!"Cluny stumped off dejectedly, rubbing his backside with one claw."Well, Jess. Don't keep us in suspense. What's in the barrel?" the badger growled.

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Darkclaw nodded obediently.

"All comfy back there?" called Matthias. "Right, off we go, Constance."

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Matthias was unable to hide his merriment. He sat down and chuckled. Basil started chuckling too. He sat down beside Matthias.This last statement sent the young sparrow off into a veritable dance of rage. "Mouse no friend of Warbeak! K-Killee, k-k-killeed""Ah, Matthias, Matthias, the brave one. Wipe away your tears, my son. Death is only part of life. Tell me, can you see the late rose?""Need any help, young mouse?"old rogue."

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With an odd feeling, Matthias realized that he and Warbeak were now on first-name terms.

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