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299Cluny dodged behind the half-open Abbey door and hit out at his attacker. Matthias's sword-point lodged deep in the wood. Seizing his chance, the rat dodged nimbly into the open, and battered madly at Matthias's upheld shield until he was forced to drop it. Cluny's iron spike drove cruelly into the mouse's unguarded paw. Matthias cried out and instinctively kicked the shield upwards at his adversary. It struck Cluny squarely under the chin, the sharp metal edge causing a long slash.Now that they were on the run, this was the proper time to consolidate a resounding Redwall victory!Matthias's brow creased in a worried frown. "I wish I hadn't sneaked off from the Abbey this morning. I do hope Constance has all the defenders on the alert.""Why, Martin, why?" he moaned.

Half an hour later they were snoring."What about you, Constance?""Asmodeus, Asmodeusssssssssss!"Early next morning Chickenhound returned. He carried a bag laden with medicinal ingredients. Cluny feigned sleep, but secretly he observed the foxes closely. They nodded and winked at each other quite a bit. When they were reasonably sure he was asleep, the two held a hurried whispered conver-

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"If the snake knew where I was, he wouldn't waste his rime trying to scare me," he reasoned. "He would have got me by now."Jess Squirrel was lowered over the ramparts on a rope. She went swiftly down and inspected the door. In a short while she was back up again to report that although there were many deep dents and at least two long cracks, the old gatehouse door was still holding well.Methuselah walked up and down the steps, testing what Matthias had said. "Yes, so it does. Do you see that each

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As the old mouse spoke, the door behind him creaked shut!)

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178Dunwing hopped on the upturned chair, twittering with elation. "Look see! Look see! King hide stuff under oldThe tenacious birds regrouped and came at her again. Below, the bowmice stood ready."Old Wormtail has lost a paw. Some of the others are really hurt."The young Sparra Queen winked cheekily. "Is easy. Me get Sparras to open little wormdoors in wall: east, south, north. You see, they do good. Warbeak go now, see friend Matthias mouse at Redwall."

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The Warrior stepped forward into the daylight. Sunravt glinted diamond-like off his sword. '晻

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Cluny the Scourge bared his fangs, grinning wickedly into the dark. He had finally brought his horde into Redwall!Skullface performed a frantic leap. He landed on the horse's back. The terrified animal did not wait for the rat to bite. As soon as it felt the loathsome scratching weight descend on its exposed haunches, it gave a loud panicked whinny and bucked. Spurred on by the energy of fright it careered off like a runaway juggernaut.Unexpectedly Killconey received her reward for flattery at the wrong time - a thwack over her head from the standard.


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