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34Cluny whirled round. Just out of reach across the fence on the common land stood Basil Stag Hare, in the "at ease" position.210Matthias had to concede. He looked sheepishly about. The stones where they stood were no different from any other part of the wall. The trail seemed to have gone cold again. Dejectedly Matthias sat down on a heap of rock and rubble that had been there since the invasion.

"Better not. It looks like the Chiefs asleep. He might not thank us for waking him up out of a nice dream.""Exactly the same as yours do, though perhaps a bit dimmer. Don't give up hope, though. Let us keep looking. Maybe we'll see something."The horde was almost upon them. Quick as a flash, Jess grabbed the end of Cluny's tail. She swung him with all of her might, throwing him off balance and sending him crashing into the frontrunners of the horde. Jess threw Basil's paw about her shoulder."No, no, Brother Whatsyourname. You pass logs along like this. Look, you go and get a bite to eat. Come on, the rest of you beautiful dreamers! Stir your stumps or I'll have your whiskers for bootlaces.""Second rank, fire! Drop back, kneel and reload!"

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"Give me your sparrow's word that you won't fly off."upwards.

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"Seize him!" Cluny screamed.

"We must do something," he panted. "There must be some way to escape the snake. Get hold of yourself, shrew. Think!"

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"Do you mean this mouse?"Matthias spun on his heel and marched off, the enemy sparrow's chirps still ringing in his ears: "No wanta food, no needa 'tenshun. Warbeak Sparra, all brave, killeet."The shrews made a frenzied rush into the undergrowth; Matthias found he was standing alone. After a few minutes Log-a-Log and Guosim ventured stealthily out again. Forgetting the stone, Guosim spoke in an awed voice, "D'you mean you actually intend to walk right up and speak to Snow?"He struck for dead Guosim!

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Matthias was full of wonderment, but he could not help feeling puzzled. "Why do you tell all this to me, Brother Methuselah?"

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Cornflower and Silent Sam watched the fox being carried away. Sam stood in front of her, his dagger drawn to protect them both. She ruffled his pointed ears.Shouts of joy mingled with relief greeted Jess Squirrel as she dropped wearily to the grass.The Abbot sat down slowly on the cool stone floor, resting his back against the wall.

"What in hell, more like."

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